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    christoph benells
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    Everyone with a good picture or story from the weekend post em here!

    A couple of pics from our Sunshine route climb

    christoph benells
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    sunrises were a theme this weekend

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    Where there’s a will there’s a way/DIY also seemed to be a theme (though I think that’s a common theme amongst most tours?)

    Keg sled

    Tip clip

    I think these are prototype Spark BLT (brass long touring) pins

    and someone has to have a pic of Elliott’s homemade slippers

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    Pictures i took on the sunshine route.

    Sunrise on the Elliot Glacier

    Ice Fight

    Beastly teli dude who laid down a nice boot pack for us!

    Hiking up Snow Dome

    Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams

    Boot Pack City

    Chillin at the top


    christoph benells
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    christoph benells
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    Scoping a burly line no doubt

    Shit was huge



    I got some more to post later

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    Arms folded. Defeated bunch. The keg burden…

    The Tilly Jane A Frame…[/img

    First run on Saturday…

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    What a great weekend :disco: Big props to Jefe and his crew, Oregon Splitters party with style. Also Elliot and Spencer, you guys are rock stars for bringing the chili bread bowls (for everyone)! The hut was amazing, but the company was better. From Oregon Crete to Cano touring Ill never forget this trip.. 4-20 hut party needs to become a tradition! I got a ton of pics I will post here these are just a few

    Shasta was the OG plan for the first stop, but the thought of crowds and bringin shit bags led us to tour the lassen area 😆

    4-20 time to get down

    Wake n Bake and a brew now lets do some touring!

    more pics to come

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    Saturday crew starting to roll down the NE face of Cooper Spur.

    Funk, stopping in to say Hi.

    Sunday morning from top of the Spur.

    Merf, in the serenity of Sunday worship. Waiting for the snow to soften.

    Cumulus, getting shredded by the dry desert air.

    Thanks to keg crew, and Elliot and Spencer. Without their
    efforts eating and drinking would have been a little less merry. :guinness:

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    What a great weekend. Here’s some more Saturday pics touring with @mofoco. We got some riding in across from Cooper Spur around the upper Languille Glacier.

    Looking to drop the moraine …

    … and cross Elliot Glacier.

    I nearly made a decision that would have cliffed me out at the base of the moraine, thanks @mofoco for showing me a better way. Tricky perspective on this grand mountain.

    @mofoco stoked to be out.

    Washington peaks

    Waiting for the red bull heli to the drop zone … :mrgreen:

    smoke another one … :doobie:

    Looking down the Languille Glacier.

    Snowdome ironically looks hell hot.

    Barrett Spur

    Languille Ridge above the crags.

    Trailside burial.

    See ya’ll out there!

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    Trailside burial 😀
    Anyway, I got on the OR splitfest google account (check the event thread for info) and uploaded a few (Dogan’s Photos), since some of those are duplicated here I’ll just stick to Keg Journey and Misc.

    The Dream

    The Reality

    The Victory

    Saturday Summit team above Snow Dome taken while on my way up to Coopers Spur

    That giant slab, looking at the map was about 2500ft away from Cooper Spur trail. Math I found puts that huge piece at about 130ft tall, look about right?

    The Mountain Arsenal

    Interesting group of guys.

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    Good times!

    Obligatory suffering:

    Stuka about to drop off the Spur down to the Elliot. Cascade volcanoes in full effect!:

    It started softening up. Good thing no one rode off that cliff…

    Touring the Elliot:

    Dropping down below Snow Dome toward the Langille bowls:

    The keg sled took it out of Jefe009:

    Sunday skinning:

    Strapping in on the Spur:

    This mid mountain spot had decent whiskey:

    Down into the slushy burn zone:

    Photo ops:




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    Sick collection of photos. Looked like a really fun trip.

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    Rollin outa Tahoe, Im stoked and ready for a boarding adventure. I hope I have not forgot anything! We get an hour out and just outside of Reno we stop for a safety meeting.

    The Kicks tree

    Pretty cool, but this tree reminds me to not drink the tap water here
    We set up camp in Lassen National Park, and decide on riding Mt Diller next morning
    Dom on the up

    The snow was a tad icy so we hung out and took a few photos and checked out our next stop Shasta in the distance

    Dom in full on ski mode


    The Line

    That same day we head out to shasta

    Conditions were smooth and dry the “Pow” of concrete

    Next nights camp around Klamath we discuss what we should cook up for dinner

    And guess what happened next

    Wham Bam, Deer asada sandwiches

    The Klamath Skatepark is the Best skatepark Ive ever been to


    Dom on a board! With time and Sk8n I think I can curb his two planker bad habit

    We sk8ted for ten minutes and it started to rain 😥 It rained non stop until we got to the Tilly Jane Trailhead, and then the skies cleared.
    Californian ghetto dryer

    We skin up to the hut and are amazed at the depth of the snow

    What would snowshoe Thompson do?

    He would ski it

    Mt Hood


    These spiders were everywhere

    Up the Cooper spur

    On the way Back we stopped by Crater Lake

    On my Bucket list

    Full moon powder poach next season hit me up and lets do this!

    Thanks again everyone for the great times

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    @aksltxlt wrote:

    What would snowshoe Thompson do?

    He would ski it

    Nice! I was hoping someone would ride off the A frame. We were stoked to have you with us! And yes, Snowshoe Thompson would definitely have taken that same line.

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    Sweet work guys! Bummed I was out of the state when this went down. Next year I’m there!

    Bean Dawg
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    that looks legit as balls!!

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    The snow from the car wasn’t exactly consistent

    Moving a full keg uphill requires many meetings, often to discuss the safety of said maneuver

    This smoke was from cooking. Probably.

    Speaking of cooking, Elliott carried up chili for 25 and deserved some schwag for his efforts

    The dangers of bringing a sleeping bag to a pillow fight


    Skin track self portrait

    The thrill of victory…

    …and the agony of da feet

    Snapped this pic of three UFOs buzzing the treeline just outside the cabin on Sunday

    Goooood times this past weekend, stoked to do it again!

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