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    @jefe009 wrote:

    @cassmt wrote:

    what is this zone called? where are you in relation to Hood?

    Most of this is photos of the south side. If you’re at Timberline Lodge, just look straight up the mountain.

    thanks…was at Mt Hood meadows a few weeks ago, but got no views like these…and now im 500 miles away, lol

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    @ryan Irv wrote:

    Chris on a sweet line in Zigzag Canyon

    Damn! I want that line :drool:

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    The OR Splitfest was a blast! Thanks, Jefe, for pulling it all together and for getting such awesome sponsors and great raffle prizes. I’m diggin’ my new pack and shovel, though that Venture Storm would have been pretty sweet 🙂

    You Oregon guys are awesome. I had a great time touring w/ you. You’re always welcome in Washington! I hope to see some of you at the Mt. Baker Splitfest in a couple of weeks.

    Here are a few of my pics:

    Heading out on Saturday morning.

    Lots of sun (and wind!)


    Taking a break at the top of the Palmer lift.

    A meeting of the minds.

    This guy!

    THIS is how you après ski!


    Thanks again, gang!

    Jim from Seattle

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    @swampbuster wrote:

    Damn! I want that line :drool:

    Yeah, that was the other side of the canyon we decided not to drop into. Having seen those pics now, I kinda wish we rode it. A few wet slides would not have been a problem.

    Also, Jim your pics don’t seem to be showing up for me… can anyone else see them?

    Cya up at Baker shortly!

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    Yeah, not sure what’s going on w/ my pics. I use Picasa to store my photos; maybe that has something to do with it-? Trying to fix it…

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    Fixed! I had missed a step in the posting process…

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    Awesome shots everyone! Bummed I had to miss it but will try my best to make the next one!

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    Hey great meeting up and riding with all you fine folks! Well done Jefe for putting that fantastic event together. Can’t wait till the next one. I don’t know who set up the friday night lodging at the Huckleberry Inn bunk room, but thanks for letting me crash there. So comfy.


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    @ryan Irv wrote:

    @nwboarder82 wrote:

    We dug out a pit for everyone to chill out, but no one else showed up…

    I think your guys’ chill corner would have been perfect had the ladies not adapted it to their restroom :nononno:

    Yea Oliver and I headed over to that chill corner about 4pm. The wind was really picking up and it was getting cold. It looked like the perfect place to relax for a bit. Exhausted I threw my bag down and got ready to relax out of the wind until…. I noticed a peecycle next to my shoulder. Looked like someone had already claimed this igloo as their own… and I was forced to leave:(

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    @jefe009 wrote:

    @imitationfunk wrote:

    Looks like I missed a great time! I love SplitFests. Who was the summit crew?

    As far as I know, only one splitter rode off the summit, and on one of these!

    Dude we missed ya. You should make it out to Silverton SF, a few of us are going…

    I swear that board is gonna come back into style! Long live the squareback with eurostance!

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