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    I was wondering if anyone had any good beta on Coast Mountain Hut systems? I am planning on being there in the end of the month of February for a week and looking for a hut to stay in, around Pemberton or that area. I would be open to travel a little farther away as well.

    I would like to have some options for tree runs with BC type features, like pillows, drops, etc, as well as Alpine options if it presents itself.

    I have looked into a few, but things like Brian Waddington seems to be a free for all without an ability to reserve it. Also looked into Wendy Thompson and Keiths, but I don’t know too much about them. Any other options would be great. Thinking of being in it for 8 days. Non-guided as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    For that time of the year access to keiths and wendy thompson are probably the easiest (considering the th for both starts right off the highway and into a mountain pass), this also makes them busy.

    Wendy Thompson is reservable however, and the skiing is definitely varied enough to keep you busy. Side trips to Cayoosh and Mt. Rohr and several other surrounding bumps would be worthwhile and extend the areas terrain significantly. I’d say its a better option with a stormy forecast. If the forecast is looking awfully clear you can head across the hwy to Keiths and get up high on Joffre, Matier, Slalok and many others in that zone.

    Or do a few days at each, you won’t be disappointed.

    PM me if you want a little more info that I’d be blasted for stating publicly;)

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    I agree with JCBC says, and I think that all of those places fit your criteria nicely. By the way, there’s a tonne of info about that area on Baldwin’s Duffey Lake map, and in his book too

    The Brian Waddington Hut is 5$ a night, bring cash and slot it in the box or send money in the mail. No reservation just means you might end up sharing it with a bunch of students or other people maybe sleep on top of a table or something You can check the registration page to see if any big groups are going there at the time. I would say Keith’s is the big free-for-all, since it’s much closer to the highway and has a woodstove, but there is some really great terrain around there. Wendy Thompson is more rigidly regulated, for better or worse.

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    Awesome, glad to know I was looking in the right places. Much different hut systems up there then down here in the San Juans from what I can tell. I like the idea of doing both, we’ll have to see. Appreciate the beta.

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    Speaking of the Duffey Lake area, check out the highway webcam, finally some snow at road level.

    Its a good webcam to check out when your planning to make a drive up there, as its will be raining in Pemberton and dumping up there on the road. And of course, it will be sunny in Lillooet :thumbsup:

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    The john baldwin map will give up all the goods for you in the duffey. That is where you want to be from pemberton…40 min drive or so.

    also see for lots of info in that area

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    I’ve heard good things about the Brew Hut. Haven’t been there yet, but it’s just south of Whistler and also only $5 per night. I think it’s about a five hour skin in, unless you know someone with a sled.

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    I have heard of a hut called Dea’s Nuts, its way out there though :bananas:

    Gonna be some sweet riding! Not sure why you want to come all the way up here to ride pillows though. I am pretty sure that by Feb. all the gnar is ridable assuming you dont do it in the middle of a snow storm.

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    @washwood wrote:

    Not sure why you want to come all the way up here to ride pillows though.

    Because we don’t have them in Silverton, duh :thumpsup: … Obviously we want to get after the gnar, but I’d like to ride some natural terrain like this mostly, and pillows if it’s dumping. Come on now washwood, you know whats up, we’re going to get after it! :rock:

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    That’s a pretty good video. But you will have to get pretty lucky t get weather and stability like that in february for those kinds of lines. That’s a game for march/april/may. You will not be disappointed with pillows and trees though. I would show you around some places but I will probably be on the road all winter in Revelstoke and Terrace.

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