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    I was just reviewing my Mammut Barryvox Pulse CDROM and noted that one page stated that you should avoid strong magnets with the beacon. One of my jackets have magnetic tabs to close the storm flap. Does anyone have any experience with interference or any known literature about the topic? These magnets are not what I would classify as strong compared to some of my cycling computer magnets, but who am I to know? Thanks for the input.

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    NO MAGNETS near the Pulse… it has a digital compasses built in that can be negitively effected during a search. Use a different jacket! 😉
    Good info on this topic also found here…

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    Ordinarily I would think the little magnet on a jacket would not be enough to mess with a beacon, but the Barryvox seem to be a bit sensitive. Though I haven’t tried it myself, just rubbing two Barryvox beacons together (in the off position) can get them to turn on. I’d keep the beacon away from anything magnetic, metallic, or electronic, including cel phone, credit cards, etc. I know some people who are paranoid of metal shovels messing with the signal, but I think it’s probably ok if in the outer part of your pack, away from the beacon.

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    Thanks Yoda and MTMAN for the advice. I will keep the 686 jacket for the inbounds rides of the solid board and ride one of my older shell jackets for the bc.

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