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    Some recent riding in the Colorado Front Range. Be sure to listen as well (headphones recommended) with great music by Djam Karet.

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    Nice edit. The camera angle and shadow in the second run make a nice compliment to your DDII review. It adds more context to your prose vis a vis your riding style and board weighting.
    Good to see you back here too.
    Were those intentional slope-cuts or accidentally triggered slabs? Glad you came out OK and ripped the rest of the lines.

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    The (very soft) windslab was only present right at the top of the lines. We kind of expected to release it, although the second one was a bit larger than expected. The two lines at the end with the releases are relatively safe, relatively short lines, which run out into a frozen lake, so low consequence. On this day bigger lines, above treeline were totally off limits as far as I was concerned 😉 !

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    well done, looks fun

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    Enjoyed Great Looking snow

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