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    Well, I hope it’s back on because I’m gonna start posting all my trips from 2013 here rather than multiple TRs. I hope there are some other Alaskan splitters out there to join me and post up some photos here as well.
    My last report/adventure was in late September/early October. Then, then it got clear and cold and the 3 to 10″ of snow faceted and started growing into enormous hoar crystals. In mid to late November we got a little more snow and a lot of wind creating a foot deep wind slab over about a foot of hoar frost. Then more cold temps and clear skies followed by wind, very high winds, and finally snow, lots of snow. Some would say too much snow…


    Then more winds came in and the resorts chair lift situation got even worse, way worse…

    The tram rammed into the tram tower and lodged itself there. Happy New Year!!!

    Then along with the wind came more rain and turned our precious snow to ice, lots and lots of ice. A virtual ice rink you might say…

    Then February came. The resort started opening “outer” areas, meaning areas other than groomed runs. The tram was released from the tram tower and a counter weight put in its place. On Valentines Day the tram was opened back up to the public and snow has started falling again.

    Snow has been falling and falling finally, covering up the horrible instabilities that lurk below. So for now, winter fun is on!
    Here’s a look at some of the mountains around Turnagain Pass on Presidents day…

    and the blower that they hold!!!

    Aaaahhhh Presidents day. Better late than never. Thank you Ullr!!!

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    Got some sunshine <u>and</u> stability!!! Yeah March!

    So this is a picture I took of a line in October of 2011

    I’ve been thinking of and trying to ride this line since then. Well the stars have aligned and AK’s back on!

    Away we go…

    looking down the other/South side

    A quick look around from the top… (I love mountains!)

    A look down our line

    …and dropping!

    Aaaahh March, how I’ve missed you

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    Day 2 of bluebird skies! Doesn’t happen here too often.

    Off to the local playground

    and over and around a couple of small obstacles

    where I made a new friend

    checked out some new scenery

    and reaped some pow


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    And the high pressure continues… So Snowsavage and I went for a little stroll

    to a small warm up run

    on our way to larger objectives

    where we reaped a little pow

    and laid down a little artwork

    it was too good to stop now, so back for more

    and life is good…

    I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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    and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

    It brought more sun with a new crew and yet another objective

    getting closer… this should be good

    starting to get steeper too

    and gnarlier

    WooHoo! Beer break on top

    and now the question is…

    Does it go?

    3462′ of fall line baby!


    …and it went!

    One more day off and sun predicted, will my legs hold?…

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    Well, last day off for the week and the high pressure is holding. My old and tired body on the other hand, not so much. But with age comes wisdom they say, and I say it’s time to cheat!!!

    All Smiles!

    for a heli-bump to these bad boys

    and there she goes

    time for a quick pause to check out another nearby behemoth

    and then focus on the task at hand

    and drop it like you just can’t stop it


    oh look, a goat

    round one is done

    and now we’re getting into the shiznit!

    skinning to win

    staging for the climb

    and earning those turns

    those sweet sweet turns

    damage done

    and now if I may say so myself, that was one hell of a 3 day stretch! I think I’m gonna sleep for a week now and dream sweet powder filled dreams. By the way, it’s DUMPING out right now! Can you say Refresh?!?

    Until next time… :mrgreen:

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    Alyeska Resort crews painting the sky green for St Patty’s day

    Now that’s dedication to a party!

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    The high pressure continues and somehow or another the snow still holds. Time for another new line in the backyard/Chugach. Went out with the usual suspects as well as one old friend whom I haven’t seen since this:

    The hike started out a little nasty

    but turned to a nice stroll a little further up

    where we took in views of the mountains around us

    Big League, a closer look

    and Little League

    As we were gawking at the mountains around us, 3 more friends caught up to our group of 4 and we pressed on with a new large group of 7

    and the views just got better

    the top of Alyeska’s Glacier Bowl

    and looking down on Alyeska’s chair 6 and tram terminal with Girdwood below

    We’re finally to the top and it’s time to drop!

    3600′ of pure bliss

    One of many reasons to snow/splitboard…

    Did I mention it was windy out? Very very windy and freaking cold!

    which created wind slabs and chaos amongst our group of seven

    so we split back into 2 smaller groups and made it to the bottom safely and happy to be alive

    a look back up at the “chess board” on which we were all pawns

    and a little debris from one of the <u>SEVEN</u> slides we kicked off

    now let’s get the hell out of here and go get some beer!

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    Soooo… After the little wind event last week we received 22″ of snow. 22″ in a day that is. New snow means resort riding and lift lines for me, but my friend Snowsavage on the other hand is chomping at the bit because he missed the last weather window and big lines sessions. He also is “anti authority” and does not like resorts and their rules. He talked me into going back out into the back country and testing the slopes on yet another somewhat rather large and a wee bit demanding line.

    and off we go

    and go

    wait, what?

    we better have a look around

    for some future lines

    Ooohhhh, we’re getting close

    and we’re there!

    so we better take a peek from the peak


    and a quick look around


    Into the abyss

    Now, I’m not sure how but, We Made It!

    time to get the hell out of this flat light and into some beer, stat!

    Snowsavage sais he’s good with/over snowboarding for a while. Mission accomplished!!!

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    Snow savage’s reply to the last hike above…

    Cliffed out, clinging to to a 50 degree wall of sligthly edgeable snow on a large peak in AK, wind-slabs spider-webbing under our feet every couple of turns, 7pm, getting dark, not really sure where we are going, trying to find a way through a maze of exposure, 40 ft. cornice looming above = Snow Savage fucking scared.

    Snow Savage to D-Green : “This is a life-or-death situation we are in here. We need to find our way off this mountain NOW!”

    D-Green to Snow Savage : “Relax dude – Its just adrenaline”

    D-Green is frikken Burly and that ranks in the top 3 knarliest lines of my life. I am ready some for some mellow pow runs now.

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    This is definitely the wildest winter I’ve experienced yet. The weather here is never ever predictable, but this year it is all over the place. After last weeks 22″ dump it’s warmed up into the 40s (Fahrenheit) by day and low 30s by night. So now the South and East facing runs are bullet proof, West is marginal at best, and North is Blower Pow. So we’ve been hunting North facing runs. We kept the first run a little mellower because it was a test run after skinning up bullet proof hell.

    but it was nice none the less

    On day 2 we went hunting for bigger lines, but…

    it was a wee bit white out

    Then day 3, Blue again and big game hunting’s back on

    There’s gotta be a rideable line around here somewhere

    Time to take a deep breath


    and Go!

    Then look around for another objective

    Until then…

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    I haven’t been out in a little while, but I’ve still got some cards up my sleeve and am chomping at the bit. I’d like to go on another heli-drop but need to check out snow conditions first. So off into the backyard we go to see if we can find some pow.

    Well, we found some chutes anyways

    and tentatively dropped one

    and it was good

    Good enough to drop the dough and go for that helicopter assisted ride the next day

    to get up on this

    It may have been beautiful down below and blue all over, but the wind was howling up top! We circled around the mountain twice or three times looking for a safe, and calm, place to land. It was a no go. The whole peak was guarded by a HUGE cornice that neither the pilot nor us wanted to land on or near and the only half way decent spot to put down was being buffeted by wind. He very apologetically dropped us on a shoulder on the backside of the peak. He needn’t have apologized though, he put us down safely/ALIVE and the peak was right there.

    So we made our way up

    and then found our way down the North side

    Sorry about the lack of action shots and such, but the wind was bitter cold and moving around a lot of snow.

    we felt the need to get the hell out of there.

    After the winds died and I got time off to go play the sun had done its thing. This what I found on my last hike…

    😥 🙁 😥

    But it’s not over yet (I hope), it’s Alaska! and the weather is ever changing. As I’ve said before, we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Powder maybe? Or corn? No matter…

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