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    We’ve had several ladies ask us about an aggressive, female-specific board, and we finally linked up with someone who was willing to take it on. Hopefully we’ll get some feedback after she tears up the eastern sierras this spring.

    We didn’t want to just “shrink it and pink it”. The Mace 155 (Little Boot Edition) is slightly scaled-down (narrower) version of her bigger brother, 249mm at the waist, 9.2m sidecut and an 1157mm running length. Stock build will has full camber, and a mild early-rise nose. Like the other Maces, there is strategically located carbon stringer, tape and dampening structure, all adjusted to account for a lower center of gravity and smaller rider. The flex is still relatively stiff; this thing is meant to be a charger.

    By the way, although we’ve been to lazy to tell anyone about it, this is an addition to the Little Boot line which includes a 150 Unicorn Chaser, a 153 Sceptre, and a brand new shape for next year.

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    Looks sick! Nice work as usual!

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