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    I am doing a trip in the south of Chile, I am doing a reserach for University to set up routes and gps points of areas to built shelters, I am going to be splitboarding for a all month in an are called Malalcahuello, doing traverses, so I am looking for somebody that wants to go to this area in a big adventure, I am Chilean but right now im living in Canada so if anybody is interested to go is more than welcome, if you need more info about this trip please contact me to my email, this long trip is going to be in august for a hole month, well in that month we are going to do a few trips, i have some tentative routes taht i want to do. We,, thats it have a good day.

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    This is near Corralco/Lonquimay right?
    I’ll be in Chile for 2 weeks in August, was hoping to check out that area.

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    I am trying to organize being in chile in august as well… I will be in touch if it pans out 🙂

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    I just started looking into the possibility of Chile or Argentina. I would definitely be interested in hearing any plans. Thanks.

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