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    @moridinbg wrote:

    I am still refining my plan. I bought this book, which seems incredible – but I am still waiting for the delivery.

    What I have in mind now is to spend 2 days in BA (landing there 13.08 morning), regroup, rest from the 20h travel, change some dollars on the black market (actually they call it blue market there??) and then set off to Bariloche on the 14th evening by bus. The weather will decide how long would we stay there, I am interested to visit some of the smaller resorts around the main Bariloche at least for a day each, so will rent a car there. Then Las Lenas until 1st or 2nd of September.
    3.09 morning we will meet with 2 ski mountaineer dudes in Santiago and then hit the volcanoes in Chile until 13th, before leaving for Buenos Aires and then back to Europe.

    So far the group is me with the split and one (well experienced) ski touring guy, my girlfriend, who is only a resort rider, but will be the expedition photographer. Then the other 2 skers that are joining in Santiago.

    I recommend the book from the link above to anybody interested in doing skinning tours around the Andes (:

    Hey dude,i might make it to Chile this year but will be early/mid August.

    Check out La Hoya in the town of Esquel ,it’s about 3.5 hours drive south of Bariloche,great little resort with lots of slackcountry access and great potential if it has the snow!

Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)

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