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    Here ie the better quality version of this video:


    A descent with HFT of the Chaos Couloir on Halletts Peak in Rocky Mountain Natural Park, Colorado.

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    wow that doesnt even look fun the snow is still ROCK SOLID!!! what time did you guys do this at? whats the mountian direction as far as sun? I do like the pitch but not when you cna barely edge!!! nice work with that snow!

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    CT: this is a S facing line. We dropped in at 11:30, the crux section and mid section stayed frozen, due to the low sun angle at this time of year, and becuse of some high lenticular clouds which just did not allow full radiation to take affect on the snow. Additionally some skiers had ridden the line in the previous couple of days: they had side stepped down the 300′ crux section, and left a corrugated surface, with frozen ice chunks in it.
    If the surface had been smooth, and if the clouds not present, it is likely the surface would have softened enough for enjoyable turns on the entire descent, as it was, we still had fun on the frozen (but less pitch) mid section, and the lower section which did corn up due to lower elevation and better sun angle.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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