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    After a friend snapped this crap blurry pic of me elbow/knee dragging the split in Fernie, BC, I wondered if anyone has any corn season carving pics….and if you only have pow shots…post ’em up anyway. A nice lay down carve shot is just as sweet as a tweaked out method pic.

    who said splits aren’t stiff enough to carve groomers

    Post up some season ending stoke :thatrocks:

    christoph benells
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    are these a carve or a surf?

    heelside 4 life

    Huck Pitueee
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    Surf slash.

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    Love the slash under the tree. So much awesomness in one shot!

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    Sorry no corn, only this from january…

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    There was carving that day, but not necessarily on this turn. I got your corn covered though. 😉

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    Love the photo philip.ak!!

    Kickin Chickin
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    +1 that is a sweet shot! :thumbsup:

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    Great shot philip.ak :thumpsup:
    Love the composition :headbang:

    Kickin Chickin
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    I hope this works! I’m a self proclaimed computer caveman :banghead:
    Anyway here is the panoramic in action.

    Kickin Chickin
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    Why did my pic show up as a thumb nail? any advice for the caveman?

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