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    anyone tried it?

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    Nope, but I did test the Carbon Flagship a few weeks ago. I’ve not seen many real reviews on this board yet. The first thing I thought was “this would be a perfect splitboard”. I’m sure if they got the split close to the solid, it’s very good.

    In short, this thing hauls ass. It’s easily the fastest and stiffest board i’ve ever tried. The base is not faster, but you can carry a lot more speed through bumps and icy stuff. I tried it in difficult conditions, almost no fresh snow, some ice and slush, completely tracked slopes, and in a whiteout. You just point the thing down and it goes.
    You should probably test one first though. I normally ride a 164 (pretty stiff) board, but the Jones would be too much for me in this lenght. The 161 was fine for me. You need to be a powerfull rider to make slow short turns (and i’m a skinny guy), this board wants to go in fast long curves. Just let it do that and it feels very controllable. It has tons of edge hold, and never feels scary at speed.

    The stiffness is not an issue in pow, it will do short smeared turns there not problem.

    The build quality of the tested board was to a very high standard as well, it looked perfect.

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    Just got my order of Carbons last week

    I must admit the quality is amazing!
    They are not the lightest, my carbon spearhead is 166 so longer than the 164 and with all hardware(pucks, LT, dual climbing bars)
    The bare Jones board is only 200grams lighter :scratch:
    the other thing I’ve noticed is the touring position looks too far to the rear

    will make for interesting skinning
    The new prior touring spot looks much better

    Will post review when it hits the snow in a few months!


    Adam West

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    What’s the Prior in the bottom picture on your last post? Did they redesign the swallowtail or is that a new model? Do you have the specs? …don’t see it on their website.


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    At first I thought someone put a Prior sticker on an Ultracraft but I can see the shape of the tail is different.

    Is Prior going to K clips?

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    This is one of Priors custom board options.
    Will be a serious Ultra Craft contender.
    Its probably lighter too!

    Adam West

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    The Carbon Solution is not a full carbon lay up board, it just features a layer of carbon on top. The Priors with the XTC lay up are 100% carbon, so I would expect XTC Priors to weigh less than the Carbon Solution.

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    i love the matte finish to the carbon. Prior hovercraft looks like a treat.

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    The prior is lighter, but the core is very thin to keep the flex OK
    The Jones indeed seems to just have a carbon topsheet and seems to have similar flex.
    Again the finish is great on the Jones, My prior touring insert placement doesn’t allow line up of the board hooks so I think the only way to use the split pin in LT brackets is to put a set of K clips on to get the board closure correct.
    Not sure there going to be a great deal of difference between the solution and the carbon soultion

    Adam West

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    There is a very big difference between the carbon Flagship and the regular, it’s much more damp and stiff. Just ride the thing and i’m sure you’ll agree.

    (full disclosure: I was never a very big Jones fan untill I tested this board. I’ve also tried the normal Flagship last year, and was not that impressed.)

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    It isn’t the lightest board out there, but not by much. Skinning on the Carbon was effortless. The placement of the touring bracket inserts was perfect. I spent last season on a carbon solution and I have to say it’s the best board I have ridden to date. Quality is up there. I am going to have a hard time trying other boards because I like it so much. To quote a friend after I shared the stoke after my first day on this board…”It’s a cruise missile!!!”

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    Well I just pulled the trigger on a 161 so we’ll see.

    JIn Kazama
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    I’ve replaced my standard Jones Solution by a carbon one early this year. I’ve been using the standard one (not carbon) for the past two years. Both in 164 size.
    (gear I’ve ridden in the past: Voilé ST178, Voilé Mojo RX, Burton Freebird, Jones Solution)

    At the resort, I’m used to stiff board (BX boards). To tell you the truth, before I tried the solution, most of the splitboard gear I used felt like…crap – in perfect conditions they were ok but if in icy/crusty conditions, I’d pee in my pants…

    While the solution was one of the stiffest splitboard I’ve used (I loved if for that!), the carbon one is one step stiffer and that could be a problem for skinny people or people who are not in great shape… I’m not skinny (80kg/175lbs) and early in the season I felt that I had to practice at the resort to get my legs right – once I got in shape, I happily replace my standard solution with the carbon one.

    Uphill: The board is not really light – it feels even heavier that the mojo RX or freebird I’ve been using – it may be a bit lighter that the standard solution but it’s hard to tell the difference.

    Downhill: The board is stiff, really stiff for a splitboard – stiff enough to make you think you’ve got a solid board. I feel really secure on this one and find myself playing in places I would never have gone with a mojo RX or freebird. Compared to the standard solution, I can go faster before the board becomes “unstable” in crappy terrain.

    I’m very happy with this board but I wouldn’t recommend it for those who do not spend the whole winter snowboarding (actually, it might be ok if you’re > 200lbs). I’ve lent to a few friends who are not “full-time” 🙂 snowboarder and they were not so happy with the board; they had a hard launching turns, especially in steep terrain.

    Overall, this is a great board if you like to go downhill in at full speed in a few turns, not so good if you want to take your time… You might also consider downsizing your board.

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