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    Hey, just reaching out for partners to see if anyone wants to take a gumby like me around. Ive got June 5 through 15 free for splitting between Shasta and Baker!

    Have alpine protection/gear (albeit limited skills) and will travel!

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    Sure thing Schralf!

    I’ll show you mine if you show me yours… and by yours I mean Bloody Couloir, next season. :drool:

    I’m sure we’ll get up to some foolishness around the PNW during that time period. Get in touch when you are headed into Oregon.

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    I’m scheduled for surgery on June 10th, but plan on touring the week before. Send me a PM if you make it up this way

    christoph benells
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    im free to go touring Wednesdays and thursdays every week.

    8) shred the corn 8)

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    If you come through Bend I’d be more than happy to explore. I’ve been here 2.5 years and there’s still a lot I haven’t gotten to ride. I only work 3 nights a week.

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    I’ll be unemployed in Portland through June – let’s find some corn!!!!

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    I’m generally available on weekends and occasionally weekdays as well. A Mt Adams summit trip could be a go once the road opens. Anywhere with decent late season snow would be fun. Snow dome on Hood’s north side?


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    I was up on the N side of Adams on monday. There was still a bit of windblown powder, but with an uneven icy crust underneath, then firm conditions below maybe 10k. Tough conditions to manage. Anyhow, you might want to wait for at least a few days after this storm for the mountain to shed the few fresh feet that are likely to be up there. Right now the approach from FR 23 only requires about 3 miles of extra road/forest skinning before the trailhead.

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    Happy Monday! Any more recent beta from Adams?

    christoph benells
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    Sw chutes access is open

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    Okay, so here is a very preliminary schedule if anyone is down to join. I’d love a partner for Hood if anyone is willing to show me around!

    Thu 6/6 – Lassen
    Fri 6/7 – Crater Lake, or MTB/climbing around Bend (anyone want to climb around Smith Rock?)
    Weekend 6/8 & 6/9 – Adams with Jefe and company
    Mon/Tue 6/10 & 6/11 – Would love to hit Mt. Hood, but I need a partner
    Wed/Thu 6/12 & 6/13 – Would love to hit Mt. Shasta if my knee isn’t too worked at this point, HW route. Could use a partner and am very familiar with this route (have done it 2x before).

    Will have my MTB with me in case I get skunked on any of the above or my knee is giving problems (it’s mainly a problem when hiking around with skis on back, not when biking).

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    Please tell me that SOMEONE is interested in hitting Hood with me this coming Monday and/or Tuesday????

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    If you wait a day I could do wed, thurs on hood.

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    Looks like some fresh snow coming on Wed…..

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    ^ Joey, wish I could but I have to cut my PNW trip short to be in SF for some meetings on Thursday.

    I’m in PDX right now … Prolly a down day tomorrow with some mellow MTB around town, but if anyone wants to hit Hood on Tuesday, I’m more than game! Had a SOLID refreeze last night from cold winds and clear skies … It could be pretty solid conditions if the winds let up but nights stay cold!

    Jefe, thanks for the fun times on Adams! Great crew, fun turns … Awesome times!

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    Whoops, just catching up with the forecast … Maybe just MTB the next couple of days then …

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