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    Had a week off and needed to slide on Snow. Im going to Silverton and haven’t had a chance to really test my new Karakoram binding system . I also have a brand new Venture Zelix that hasn’t touched snow. Due to the low tide all year in the Sierra this new board had been collecting dust in the garage.
    Started at 5am on the 5 north.

    Day One-Saturday -Mount Lassen

    Pulled into Redding around 5pm. Still about an hour out to Lassen, just enogh time to get a look at the peak before the sun set. The Peak was looking good, but couldn’t tell if it was soft
    Next Morning it looked great

    Lassen Peak

    Devastation Area parking lot was the meeting spot. Me, Mike Melton (Swanny) and Isaac Silverman all ready by 8 am

    After climbing out of the parking lot for about a half mile on dirt we started skinning. Day was nice, views were great. Really nice to be able to see Shasta to the north

    Mount Shasta in the Distance from Lassen Peak

    Break time

    Break Time on the way up Lassen Peak


    Mike and Isaac Climbing Lassen Peak

    Watching a skier booting up the gut of Lassen Peak. He had about 15 friends. Hes the little dot almost topping out.
    When their not much snow you can expect crowds where there is snow

    Lassen Peak summit

    Mike Climbing Lassen Peak

    Mike climbing Lassen Peak

    Isaac climbing Lassen almost there

    Isaac Silverman climbing Lassen Peak

    Me… of Lassen. New Venture Zelix and Karakoram Bindings. Shasta in the background
    Doesn’t get much better

    Me on top of Lassen Peak

    Isaac Mike and Shasta Top of Lassen

    Mike ans Isaac on top of Lassen peak

    Looking down the main bowl the top was rock hard

    Looking down into Lassen main Bowl

    Mike riding up top. Note the ice balls rolling down on me

    Mike Melton Riding Lassen Main Bowl

    Mike Melton ridng Lassen

    Isaac Ripping down Lassen Peak

    Isaac Silverman ripping Lassen Peak


    Mike Melton  Lassen Peak

    Boys Ripping

    Boys ripping

    Isaac Skatepark style

    Isaac skateparkin Lassen

    Isaac warp speed

    Isaac   warp speed on Lassen



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    Good stuff men, glad you’re getting some!

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    NIce Tex!

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Hell yea! Looks like you guys scored. good to know Lassen has a snow pack this season

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    wow really nice pictures, looks like a great landscape!

    Amplid Milligram 163, Tour Operator 159 & LabCarbon 162, Phantom Alphas 14/15, Atomic Backland w/ Phantom LinkLevers,

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    Nice @tex! We just scored it last Monday.

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    Nice to see getting get got!

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    Mount Shasta  3-30-15

    after spending the day on Lassen yesterday, new crew members met up at Bunny Flat for the new objective.

    Isaac had to return to work, Swanny had to take a sick day due to a wipeout on Lassen.

    Myself, LiketoRide , and JimW wold be the players today

    JimW all smiles on His first day of the new season

    JimW  on Mt Shasta

    Looks pretty good considering He drove all night to be here

    It was HOOOOOOOTTTT. The heat was working on Buffy. The heat was working on us. Buffy was trailing behind, not sure if it was the heat, or our odors.

    After Helen Lake Buffy made the call to drop. I had my eye on the Trinity Chutes, Jim had his eye on Thumb Rock Chutes. We arrived at The Thumb at 3:30. I had to say no to dropping this line due to time and energy. I wasnt sure if I could skin back out of the hole due to heat and exhaustion. But they sure looked tasty

    Looking down Thumb Rock Chutes on Mt. Shasta

    That big wet slide didnt add any good feelings about dropping this line in the 80 degree heat either

    Trinity Chutes. Someday……….Someday

    Trinity Chutes   Mount Shasta

    Shasta is HUGE Here is JimW looking down the Thumb Rock chutes. Mt. Lassen off in the distance

    JimW    Lassen dreaming

    Finally it was time to ride. 5500 feet of corn awaits


    dropping from Thumb Rock


    JimW on Shasta



    Monday with Mike

    Sunday evening everyone had to go home. Except for Me and Mike

    we awoke to this view

    Mt Shasta from Bunny flat

    Monday was no repeat though. Light cloud cover and some wind kept everything above Lake Helen rock hard

    Mike skinning up avalanche gulch on a beautiful Monday morning

    Mike Melton skinning up avalanche gulch

    Monday was no repeat. Because of wind and light clouds the snow above Lake Helen stayed rock hard. We pulled the triggger and enjoyed around 4500 feet of corntopia


    Mike Melton riding Mt. Shasta



    Thanks to all the people who joined up on this trip. Eveyone should go to Shasta at least once

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    Strong work @tex @liketoride and @swanny, especially with that heat. I need to head back up there before Tioga opens.

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    Really cool. How long of a walk is to both of those hills? Every spring when I see you guys post your TR’s I vow to make it to California the next year. Maybe next year….

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    Yeah Ray, nice work. Great day on Lassen and thanks for posting all these shots.

    When do we get the Silverton report?

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    @switchback- the hike to snow at Lassen is about a quarter of a mile I would guess before you hit snow. It took about 4 hours to climb up Lassen.
    At Shasta we did the Avalanche Gulch route from Bunny Flat parking lot. We had to walk aroud 100 feet to snow from the car.
    Where you at? Just fly into Redding and Hit Shasta. It will be good till July this year.

    Isaac- Pics up this weekend

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