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    Warm then cold. Warm then cold.

    Debris pile was over 300cms in spots. Likely slid 1/24 or 1/23.

    Lots of sled activity around Freel/High Meadows area.

    Good snow still holding up high, but super wet and heavy lower.

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    Consolidated corn, rock, stump, log, and shrubery jibbin:

    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!

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    @dishwasher-dave wrote:

    Warm then cold. Warm then cold.

    Ahahahahah!!! Wow dude, that’s the worst glopping I’ve ever seen 😆

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    High and north-facing was the call on Wednesday. Found pow out on Ralston after a night of full moon skinning and snow camping. Thanks to aksltxlt for showing me around his stomping grounds…

    aksltxlt lifts off

    aksltxlt surveys the goods

    Getting ready to shred

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    :bananas: Yeah Greenhorn, stoked on the late night mission! Lovin the fast Pow, :mrgreen:

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    Went out a couple of times this week (mt. rose, carson pass), didn’t have any pictures, or enough to say to justify a trip report. Just wanted to let everyone know that high elevations held snow well, and north facing aspects have stayed really soft. It may not seem like winter, but there is still plenty of fun to be had if your willing to find it. Oh and the forecast says snow, and at lake level too!

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    Man, I think some of the pictures higher on the page inspired a nightmare I just had. I left a trailhead in the dark, hiking on dirt but expecting to transition soon. I kept hiking and to my horror, as the peak lit up, there was not a trace of snow to be seen on them.

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    Heading North on 395 tomorrow from LA. Any ideas for overnight parking along the way or a 2 to 4 mile tour in with some good length runs. Gonna try to find one of the sierra tour books tonight. Also any Hot Spring beta would be sweet too.

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    Top third to half of Corkscrew is really good. The bottom half is really bad, but top part kept a smile on our faces through the willows and manzanita.

    Heads up, CALTRANS is talking about eliminating roadside parking along 89 in this area. If you’d rather not start your Tallac trips from the Taylor Creek SnoPark, let the USFS and Caltrans and your billionaire uncle with connections know.

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    The quick refresh last night drastically helped coverage. The 5-15″ on Monday was complemented by 6-8 today. Should be good to go this weekend!! :rock:

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    any conditions updates for the eastside? coverage? corn?

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    Quick eastside update. Will post more later but wanted to put this info out in case anyone is still chasing pow from the last storm. Before this weekend I had been on my board exactly ONE time this entire season. That’s the kinda season it’s been…

    Stuff is just not filled in well at all down low, especially south of Mammoth. Even between Mammoth/Tioga it’s rough. Stuff looks at least a month ahead of normal, maybe more down low. V-bowl was burnt even after the storm. At about 10k though, things change. There is still great pow up high (even though overall coverage still seems a lot lower than normal). I actually had probably THE best pow run I’ve ever had on the eastside today, in Powerhouse off the plateau (I know, can you believe I went there??). You can just barely connect the run top to bottom now, which is crazy to think that it’s gonna be done soon. The bottom 2k though are gonna be manky and nasty by tomorrow. But surprisingly, even with today’s heat, there was great pow from 10k up. So you might still be able to find the goods the next couple days, it’s just that the approaches and exits are probably gonna suck.

    Virginia Lakes road is open to the end. Didn’t see coverage because it was Sat AM and it was still snowing when I drove out there. Green Lakes road was open but I don’t know how far back. I would be really surprised if the GL chute was rideable to the bottom this year…

    We hit up the Negatives yesterday, and it was good. Dug a pit below Hourglass, and it was about 3 feet of nice consistent new snow above a crust layer about 3 feet down. Couldn’t get anything to move in tests. Riding down had some great pow, got a little sun affected near the bottom. Lots of core shots on the cat track out of June Lake ski area… damn low coverage!

    Here’s a pic of today’s run on Powerhouse. Up on the right, down on the left. Perfect pow all the way down. I’d say go get it, the booter is in place… but after today it will be heinous getting up the lower 2/3rds of the drainage. If you could just magically get transported to 10k, there’s lots of great snow to be had. 🙂 More pics later. Gotta drive home. Posting these from outside the Mo-mart… which is closed but I think opens at the end of the month with the fishing opener. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 120 open to the east gate by then too.

    Oh yeah, here’s a couple pics of Shasta from a week ago. It stormed again after these were taken. They’re having a good spring, but still below normal coverage I believe. Didn’t get up to snowline because I thought I’d rather spend the day in the Napa parking lot replacing my alternator. 🙁

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    thx Jim. we’re headed down there this weekend.

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    I agree w/ Jims guess on the road. It’s going to open soon:

    Here’s one of the kooks that tore up that lower 2/3rds Jim referred too:

    Tracks on the right are mine, left are Tex:

    PJ, of course you’ll be on the eastside next weekend…cause I’m going through S.R. on my way up to OR!!! 😆 Hope you guys are well.

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    Anybody have any info on the Coke Chute SAR other than what is posted at


    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    Yes, and unfortunately it’s not good news:

    Really brings it home knowing how many times I’ve been in that exact same spot. RIP Boris. 🙁

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    Thanks Jim. My condolences and wishes of strength to his family and friends.

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    yup, looks like it snowed. give us desk jockeys an update, yo.

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    Lake Level snow and F’n cold! Walking home from the bars has been treacherous! Lots of Black ice….
    The snow is Quality base material and I am about to go cross-country skiing in the meadow.. should be epic! HA HA

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    my back deck (in truckee) yesterday morning…

    couldn’t swing a morning mission and have too much going on at work to skip out – i heard that conditions hiking sugar bowl have been amazing.

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