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    Flex, the Burton plate was nowhere near strong enough to take heavy landings or heel side impacts on rocks, ice etc (no, we don’t hit pow all the time), so on big impacts you would flex out

    Patr: I think Bomber Sidewinder Bindings would be an excellent choice for your style of riding. Also I waiting to hear more feedback on the Phantom Bindings over the length of this season.

    So I tried modifying a pair of Burton Race plates onto Voile Tracks. All I needed to do was widen the inside of the holes of the Voile Slider tracks with a Dremel tool.

    On one binding I got a good fit (good toe-bail tension) but on the other binding I did not get the toe-bail tension right (just a little bit of slop). I also added a a 2 1/2 degree cants (…%20ee-strips/)under the pucks. However the screws do not seem to stay tight.

    Instead of freehanding with the Dremel, would I be better off using the Burton Plates pucks (toe and heel) as drill guides and use a drill press? I only needed to oblong each hole a couple of millimeters. How can I achieve a tighter fit with the 2 1/2 degree cants underneath the pucks and prevent the screws from loosening?

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    hi all. finally found some race plates to mount on voile plates. using scarpa spirit 3 boots. 2 questions for the experts who have already done this. really appreciate any responses.

    1) i’m missing set screws on toe bails. i’m assuming I need these. what do they do? I was just going to try to find a screw with same thread. does anyone know if plastic ones are available anywhere?

    2) how tight do you set tension? I’m assuming tight but not too tight. is there some rule of thumb? I was going to setup bindings with baseplates on solid board to get tension correct, then use same spacing on voile plate.

    Thanks everyone for their posts. Amazing resource for ideas.

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    Your best thing to do here, is to mount up the burton race plates on solid board and ride the solid board. I find carpet testing (wearing boots) yields a different setting of the toe-bail tension. So go out and ride your bindings on a solid first.
    ( I ride an old burton Fish with race plates too).

    Toe bail tension. You want the toe bail to be a firm snap, without to any side rotational slip of the boot in the bindings. But not so tight the the bail could break. I did this to a burton carrier plate binding (same plastic toe bail used on race plates.

    Note the you should try to use the existing voile plate holes, if possible. And remember to the use the inside holes of the Burton race plate as pattern. Transfer the screw pattern where the binding puck screws are mounted. On the burton race plates, my boots mounts on the inside heel puck and on the outside holes of the toe bail. So I will have to create a jig and drill the rear puck inside holes into the jig and then move binding back a few millimeters dill the inside holes for the toe puck. So the bindings are the same distance as before on the burton race plate. The toe bail tension has be just right.

    Use the jig and drill press to transfer binding holes onto the burton race plate. I tried the freehand and it did not work out so well.

    Good Luck :thumpsup:

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