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    I love this split!!!! i got it with sparks and rulers and so far hasnt been anywhere I cant go on it!

    anybody else want to review?

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    I’ve been on that board for the past 2 seasons, and I added some Burners this year. Before the Freebird, I was on the S-Series. The Freebird is a HUGE improvement over the s-series. I was going to keep the s-series as a rock split, but after riding the freebird, I never wanted to touch the s-series again. Freebird + Burners cut about 4 lbs of the weight of my setup. It floats better, has MUCH better response, and makes the shitty east coast ride down icy, narrow hiking trails back to the car way more enjoyable. My only gripe is that it could be significantly stiffer. I would love if they could make it stiffer without losing the agility that the board has.


    what year was your s-series?

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    I think it was a 2008

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    Sooo. I went to the flagship store today for a b-day gift for the lady smuggler and I got a hands on of the ’13 freebird with burners. They had a sPliff too. Apparently jake left his toys sit out. Anyway the free bird at quick glance appeared to have a VERY subtle s rocker with a freakin huge ole’ shovel on it. Felt very firm and quite heavy. Very impressed. FYI looks like some snow in the greens this weekend :headbang:


    We also got some snow in the wasatch, not much though….

    Yes, the freeird has a HUGE shovel on it!!!! When I first set-up my stance I didn’t do any setback, later ajusted it to compensat for the shovel nose, I suggest doing the same

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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