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    i was thinking about ordering the custom split as it looks to be a real quiver killer, in my opinion. in my current quiver i have a lib tech travis rice pro and a burton landlord. i tested out a solid burton custom board i borrowed from a friend of mine last winter and i just fell in love with it. but im abit worried about the full camber, my landlord feels so good in the powder but i loved the playfullness and the feel of the custom, but i only got to test it for one day, and it wasnt very good conditions that day so i wasnt shreding pow like i mostly like to do. anyone have any idea how the custom split is in the wonderful pow ? and general opinions about the boar overall ?

    thanks in advance guys 🙂

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    I’m guessing from your post that your landlord and lib tech are solid boards is that correct? Both of those models come in splits as well and are good options especially since you know how they will ride.

    I use to own a solid Burton custom and I enjoyed that board. I would expect the custom split to be good in most situations. I would not be too concerned with a camber profile. It may not be the most trendy but it works great and skins well. I think that a cambered board will float just fine, assuming you get an appropriate size. They do require a little more muscle but in turn you get great pop, good edge hold and built in suspension for speed and chop. I myself prefer to have some rocker in the profile because I like the ease in turn initiation. Custom would prob be a good option for all around ski touring.

    Peter Fladmark
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    yeah my landlord and lib tech are both solids. but i really want a splitboad that can tackle all conditions, and i dont feel like the landlord or the lib tech will be up to the task. the jones solution seems to be a good all mountain board aswell.
    but the feeling i got when riding the solid custom last winter was just so amazing, a really fun and playfull board you can allways trust and rely on! i think im pretty set on getting the custom split as i hope it will feel just as amazing in the deep pow as it does everywhere else 🙂

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