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    My deck is FS on ebay: Burton 165 Custom Splitboard. Older, but in really great condition + complete w/ all original parts. This actual board has a good story. . . it was used in the filming of Warren Miller’s feature film “Journey.” The only time it was ever used was this one trip to Morocco.


    Split deck with binding plates / mounting system. No Bindings. Condition of the deck is great. It needs wax, but there are no gouges or big scratches across the bottom. Cosmetic scratches on the top surface. All edges look good. . . some surface rust but no blowouts, nicks or hits I can see.

    Binder plates are original and in working order. If you look closely, you can see the rear binding plate has acquired some surface corrosion. I’m no expert, but none of it looks as it it would compromise the parts. All mechanics are in working order. The rear seems a bit tight, but loosened up each time I played with it for the pics.

    Skins still in stuff sack. Condition on both is almost as good as new. Glue is strong as ever.

    Just put it up here:

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    heyo, this boards still for sale? thanks.

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