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    Mt Tallac 4/8/12

    Thanks Buffy (likestoride) for talking me into going up. I was severely lacking motivation at the trailhead and was suggesting we go elsewhere but was super stoked once we got up there. Snow was holding up really good up high with some pockets of nice, deep pow in the shade. Some sticky stuff on lower 1/4 of mountain but really good overall. Finally got on something steep and happy to do a new line on Tallac.

    North lines looking pretty good:

    Round top in back with HOG in front:

    Ralston and various gnar:

    Pyramid, Price, etc:

    Dicks, Janine, etc:

    Yup, Tahoe is rad:

    Solo skier dropped the “ladies entrance” about 1/2 hour before we got there. That name is a severe disservice as you can see by the photo. He got up there early and got it before it got it good before it got too warm:

    Same solo mystery skier contemplating something in a sweet location. Guy made a really cool link up with some clever traversing:

    Our line. First time doing The Cross direct. The same skier had chopped out a small hole to look into it and we widened it so we could get in without having to air:

    About to take the express route to South Lake:

    In! Snow up high was variable from one side to the other but enough soft stuff to keep it manageable:

    Buffy edging her nose out over the abyss:


    Some good deep pow lingering near bottom of chute:

    Buffy gettin’ the goods in the shade:

    Milking the pow on the shady side. Regular footers heel side slashing fun!:

    Slarvin’ some sticky porn:

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    SICK bg and buffy! I love that line. 🙂

    Hard to go too wrong on Tallac. :thumbsup:

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    Rad TR- thanks!

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    Nice! Buffy, was that the line you were eyeing up during the tahoe splitfest? Good to see you bagged it! :headbang:

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    If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, Buffy is kinda like a good luck charm for good snow and fun times. I rode the cross today. Didn’t even occur to me that it might go from the top this year (maybe I shoulda looked?), so I took the lady’s entrance. It was spicy! I actually rode it like a little girl (no offense to little girls). Saw your tracks once I was in it and wished I dropped where you did. And that line we dropped into the elevator shaft a few years ago looked gnar, can’t believe we rode that after seeing it today! Finished the day with some split skiing and a bike ride down the road. Tallac is most definitely the Great One!

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    A ver a ver aver:-) photos bonitos. Good to see two really great tahoe riders teaming up for great timeslike these. Seen many a tahoe tr but this one……hay cariño! :clap:

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    Concentrated awesomesauce.

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    Brooks- I’m glad I was able to talk you into coming down to schralp some gnar with me. It was supa fun!

    Good riding with you on Sat. Paul.

    Chimeral that was the line we were eyeing during Tahoe splitfest but there just wasn’t enough snow for it back then.

    Chris do you think that Wrights Lake Rd. will still have good coverage out to Pyramid for the next couple of weeks?

    Dave I’m really bummed that you retired from snowboarding, now I will have to find some other crazy person who likes to go on burly 15 hour splitboot missions in the spring.

    What would jesus do? He’d go snowboarding!

    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!

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    way to slay :bananas:

    Kyle Miller
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    It is awesome to see this TR and know the places you guys are talking about.

    Way to slay it!

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    there’s more snow up on tallac than i expected! in addition to her many other qualities, buffy also has a special way with that evil spring creek gate…

    looks like a fun spring day. what better way to spend a holiday that celebrates a zombie?!

    that’s a great line. one of these days i want to get back up there for the elevator shaft entrance. you guys should do babycham next, that’s my favorite!

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    Bastards changed the lock again! Had to walk :/

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    Bicycle worked pretty well, very satisfying cruising down the road past people walking in ski boots.

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    nice one!
    looks like fun. still have yet to do that one.
    weird how some spots have filled in to look like almost normal snowpack. never would have considered looking at it.

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    SICK DUDES!! Love that narrow entrance. Must slay more Sierra!!

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    whoo hoo :bananas:

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