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    Finally got to rebate on last years planned trip to the Bradly Hut in Tahoe. Last year we made reservations for mid February, but bailed due to a huge storm. Myself and two others were to go just for an overnight. The trip started with an 1800 foot climb, luckily it had started snowing the night before, otherwise it would have been real thin coverage.

    Rob broke a pole pretty early on.

    There were some creek crossing along the way due to the low snow.

    It was robs first time on a splitboard. He needed a little help along the way. Here’s me giving him a hand on a tricky side hill.

    Rob getting a few turns down to the hut

    After a bit more skinning we made it to the hut.

    Dustin and I went for a quick hike after dropping off some gear in the hut, got about 1000 vert of some low angle trees. The snow was pretty wet and wind effected but it turned out to be nice and creamy and smooth.

    Then it was time for some Apres.

    Day two brought clear skies with a little wind. Dustin and I spied this on our hike the day before and decided it was what we would ride this day.

    Even though it’s a thin year in Tahoe there is still plenty of snow up high. That’s me in the pit and, I’m not quite six feet tall.

    There was another group of four at the hut, they decided to follow us. This is me skinning, and the other group at the top.

    Just as proof of the quality of the snow, here’s a pick I took of one of my turns. The mark on the inside isn’t from my hand, that was my knee. You could lay turns as hard as you wanted.

    After a few laps, it was time to head back, the skin out was down a mellow forest service road.

    All in all the trip was great, but much too short. There was a lot of good riding in the area, and we just got the tip of the ice berg.

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    Yeah, nice snow those days. The drainage to the north, Deep Creek, has the goods, though I’ve only looked at it from the ridge past where you were riding, and haven’t ridden it myself. Why did you skin out? Splitski it! 🙂

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    Yeah we looked back there and took pictures. I have driven back there in the summer, and hiked through there. It would be a big day from the hut, but I believe it is snowmobile territory. Also I think Jones and crew hit it in Deeper.

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    Wow that was alot ore filled in in Deeper

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