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    I just got off the phone w/ my second interview with a “back-end hosting” company in Bozeman. I got one more “technical” interview, before being flown out. My question is… Housing.. I know housing is expensive, and most likely will rent. I want to rent/live in the foothills, somewhere that I can still get DSL/Cable internet.

    Any ideas hints??

    Thanks ya’ll…


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    STAY THE FUCK OUT OF BOZEMAN! I just thought I’d get that out there before Bozemanative had a chance. But seriously I don’t necessarily have any suggestions for where to find a place. If you want DSL you’re going to have to live within ten or fifteen blocks of downtown because of line attenuation.


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    Yeah, well Bozeman native and I will have to have play a little trick P-I-G in the park?

    It will be scene straight outta Point Break.. I’ll be Keaneau, and native can be Swazy…

    Who plays Gary Sinese?

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    SR, have you been to Bozy yet?

    I just ask because the “foothills” on the west of the Bridgers and to the south of town along the Gallatins/Hyalites are mostly taken up by McMansions and other expensive single family residences. I’m not sure that you’ll have much luck finding anything to rent in those places.

    There will likely be plenty to choose from closer to downtown and in the nearby areas in the flatter parts of the Valley – at least once MSU lets out for the summer.

    IMO, being in the foothills doesn’t get you much besides the view and a bigger yard. Bozy is kinda small so you don’t really save any time accessing the mountains by living “closer” to them – it’s not like SLC where you need to fight traffic etc to go from the city to the hills.

    Oh, and of course, stay the f*** out.

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    Yeah, I’ve been to Bozeman quite a bit. In fact it was the 1st time I rode powder waaaaaaay back when. Bozeman was a snowboard-stop for us on West Coast when I used to tour as a musician. Not as cool as “Jays Upstairs” in Missoula, but a stop none the less.

    I’ve heard about the “richies” buying up the property, and jacking up the cost of living.

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    @splittilps wrote:


    😆 HA I got a kick out of that one.

    And for what it’s worth not living there I always liked downtown bozeman. Thats where I’d look if I were to move there. I like the old run down houses.

    So to summarize stay the fuck out of bozeman but get the fuck out of minneapolis.

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    Amen, Get bleeping hellz out of Minneapolis. The only saving grace to Minnesota is the BWCA, and surrounding areas. And, watching newbies paddle back and forth looking for the next portage while I’m kicking back for a saftey meeting. :doobie: :drool:

    I guess they figure the canoe steers itself, and maps are useless.

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