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    I will be in Bozeman for the 1st time 3/25-4/2. Looking for any beta/ tour ideas and any willing partners to get out with. I have been touring 4-5 days a week this year so i should be in decent shape. I am looking forward to checking out the area hopefully with some good stable snow.

    I am headed to the Bell Lake Yurt for 3 days 3/22-25 then headed to Bozeman. Any beta would be great. I’ll have beers and other favors for any locs! Thanks, John

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    PM me with any questions. It’s way too soon for me to commit to riding that far out but keep in touch and if I have time off or work late I will be happy to get out with ya.


    Sounds great. I have a few tips on where to go thanks to SamH. I am also looking for some partners to hit up some bigger more remote lines in the area if it works out. Thanks for the reply i’ll hit you up. John

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    I haven’t ridden with Joey yet either. I don’t know what that weekend holds for me just yet, nor what the stability in zones I’m familiar with will be but I’m definitely game all comes together.



    Looking forward to my trip and hopefully we can meet up and do some splittin. Thanks for the info! L8 John

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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