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    Can anyone recommend any books on high peaks in Montana? I did a quick search online but not get anywhere.

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    Probably the best book is “Select Peaks of the Greater Yellowstone” Thomas Turiano. Lots of access beta and geology & history on the Beartooths, Western Beatooths(Absorokas up here locally), Gallatins, & Madisons. All South & Southwest MT ranges. I think you can get his book directly off his web site – he self published it so it may not be available in Amazons or local bookstores.

    I would think there would be good books on Glacier area peaks available through the Park Service. You may also google specific mountain ranges because many writers tend to be focused on more localized mountains or ranges. I got another book about peak bagging in Montana that has some beta but is no where near the resource that TT’s book is.

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    @lewmt wrote:

    Probably the best book is “Select Peaks of the Greater Yellowstone” Thomas Turiano.

    ^ strongly seconded. Absolutely the greatest reference for the most prominent peaks in SW Montana (and beyond). Outstanding skiing, climbing, natural, and general history as well.

    I went to Turiano’s website ( and it looks like he doesn’t have any more available, but you might try shooting him an email through that site to see if he knows where you might be able to find some.

    You’re in Bozeman right? Try Northern Lights and maybe even REI… NoLights might have a pretty healthy backstock from years past.

    A quick Amazon search revealed that I probably should’ve taken better care of my copy. Going for $300 used on there!! Not that I ever plan on selling it. If favorite books are judged by the amount of time you spend pouring over them, then Select Peaks takes the prize.

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