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    easy skinning right from the parking lot, with some snowfall to make things interesting.

    always a beautiful sight

    looking back, just enough snow to cruise the whole way

    the chute looks inviting, but first we need to climb the huge talus field. what i consider the toughest part. around 2 grand of steep, loose rocks.

    the y-chute and main couloir behind. choices

    fun ridgeline with epic views

    the best view of them all. this is a big chute

    i’d like to say the snow was as good as it looked in that shot. but it turned out to be more of a chalky, breakable wind board. easily edgeable, but couldn’t really rip it. made for a zesty drop in.
    john, hop turns off the top

    there was definitely some great turns in the right spots

    a great line

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    Nice. What area is this?

    christoph benells
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    just outside of mammoth lakes ca

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    Really nice.
    I appreciate it!

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    Damn- snow down low makes that shit look like the Beartooths! Are the drainage approaches always so dry?
    Looks like a rad line!

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    Nice Job. how far up can you drive right now?

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    nick- this year is the thinnest snowpack in a long time for the sierra. really does look bare when i look at that pic again.
    tex- we started at the dirt parking lot for snow-mo access. skinning right from the car on solid packed snow. made for a long trip up, but of course, was able to ride back to the car. had to cross dry patches only a few times.

    ta hui
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    FUCKERS!!! nice one boys!!! solid weekend!! diggin the early starts :rock:

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    ah ya…nice. are the “Y” chutes rippable as well? looking to get up there next week…

    Has anyone ever attempted to ride the snowfield to enter the climbers right Y chute?

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    yeah that chute gets done. never heard anything first hand though. having been up there a few times ive been tempted, but the main bloody is so classic.

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    Nice! Actually looks more filled in than I expected given this lousy snow year. Man, you skinned all the way in on the road? Respect. I’m too lazy. Though it’s probably about the same speed to skin that road as it is to drive it! 🙂

    Most folks call that tiny sliver chute the “Y-Not”. Main “Y” is the wider one that it connects into. That main Y is classic. We got lucky one November and were able to drive the road in, and ride the Y in pow. People do the hanging snowfield to Y-Not. You just gotta be damn sure you know where to exit off that snowfield, or else you’re going off a 75-foot cliff. Also want to have a good idea of the conditions in the chute if you don’t climb it, because it’s tight and there’s not much room for error. The one time I did it was the end of last June (!!! that ain’t gonna happen this year…), and it was the worst suncupped refrozen mank you could imagine… but since I climbed it at least I knew what to expect on the way down. 🙂 Sweet line for sure if you can catch it right.

    This would not be “catching it right”:

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