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    With 5 great days of boarding in a row I was feeling good. I had asked fullers2oh if he could make it up to the Mammoth Area on Tuesday to do The Bloody Couloir. He was game for it even though he had done it solo two weeks before.
    I have wanted to do this for at least 4 years. This is what brought me to the Backcountry from the Resort. As you leave Mammoth and go south on 395 , Bloody is the last view out of town. I would be tried from a weekend of resort riding and I would glance over at Bloody as I drove out of town. It would give me chills thinking about what it would be like to be able to do something like that.

    So the anticipation started getting to me on Sunday night. I tossed and turned dreaming of powder and worring about avalanches. Monday was great out at Red Cone with Mike and Dutch so I was hoping tuesday would be a repeat.
    Dave was on time monday evening and after a good Mexican dinner at Gomez’s we car camped at Sherwin Road.The next morning we drove up Laurel Lakes rd as far as we could and then parked. We hiked for about 1000 feet and saw our objective

    Skins were out and we were on our way. We got to the apron about 10;30

    Dave skinning

    Soon it was time for the bootpack. We put on crampons in case the snow turned to Blue Ice like Dana however the snow from Sundays 12 inches had deposited here in the couloir. It was going to be a long climb

    Dave booting up

    It got knee to thigh deep and stayed that way

    As we got higher the snow became a little slabby. At the top 100 feet it was sounding a little hollow and making me nervous, but the sun was out and the wind was calm which is rare for Mammoth so it was the day to peak out and drop.

    Dave rounds the corner as I sat on top

    Views at the top were excellent. No city haze out here

    Dave enjoying the View

    Red Slate with Sundays snow on it

    I was getting worried about the snow and the heat so I cut the party short and told Dave it was time to drop. I went down a couple hundred feet to take some pics of Dave

    Dave dropin round the corner

    Sprayin Dave

    Stoked Dave

    Dave took the Camera and went down to shoot me

    My Turn

    Now some more of Dave

    Dave …Where are you Dave?

    The snow was soft with no crust. Both Dave and I Enjoyed

    the skin out was great we giggled like little kids all the way back to the car. Of course a day like that has to be topped of with a cup o joe from the Looney Bean.
    I was content as I hit the highway. I had just spent 6 days in the Backcountry with great friends, got good snow despite this years drought , and last but not least I didnt wonder what it would be like anymore.

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    That snow doesn’t look too bad. Better than the sticky glop i was ridin on yesterday. But where’s the blood??

    Rico in AZ
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    TEX, that is a killer big mountain line! You two killed it! What’s the vert on that tour?

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    Way to schralp it Tex! Nothing better than slaying a classic couloir when its still cherry. So fresh, so clean. We blitzed up Bloody two days after you and used your stairway to heaven for lap two. Thanks for the vicious bootpack! We couldn’t leave the confines of that gash until we ripped open both entrances. Nobody had touched it since you left so our sloppy seconds felt pretty virgin. Looks like you caught the snow in perfect condition. Still wintery two days later but not nearly as blower. Here’s a few pics from our session to add to the bloody stoke.

    ..and just in case you came looking for spilled blood…Here’s a shot for you Splitfire.

    Tele skis are terrible kissers. Sharp and sloppy tongue. 3 cuts – 15 total stiches. Happened in the apron of Twin Peaks couple months ago. Pretty deep gouges. We cut butterflies out of duct tape which stopped the bleeding. Ended up riding another 3 g’s that day as my partner was a freakin’ animal.

    Yer Mom sez…Wear a helmet and carry a first aid kit suckas!

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    Whoa,shit!! That’ll do,that’ll do!

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    Ray, you got Bloody in powder??

    I officially hate you.


    Nice job! Wish I coulda stayed a couple extra days to get somma that. Guess I’ll just keep wondering what it’s like. Someone’s gotta do it.

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    Very sweet!! Nothing more to add…asshole.

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    Looks like you timed it perfectly. How did your friend say it compared to when he was up there solo?

    affix snow
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    Well played…dicks. 😀

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    Stoked, man! Looks perfect.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Nice shootin’ TEX…..ya prick!! 😆

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    Epic conditions for Bloody! That’s a rare treat for this season, way to nail it.

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    Looks like the icing on the cake for your trip. Way to go!

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    Nice stoke tex and sasquatch. Looks like a tasty line! good timing.

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    That’s gotta make the season for ya…a line like that.

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    Looks like an awesome line with some great powder!

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    hey tex great TR thanks so much for taking the pics and the time to post!

    im still laughing like a little kid from this one 🙂

    bigfoot glad you made use of the bootpack. it was insanity booting thru that stuff, i tell ya. really ray led about 95% of the time and i have to give him full credit for breaking trail the whole way after spending how many days – 5 – in the BC!

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    Looks bloody awsome, mate!

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    Great stuff tex and co! You too bigfoot! 8)

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    Sorry for the Long delay in response Rico, its between 2200 ft and 2500 ft depending on how far you want to ride. We chose the 2200 ft and skinned out on the road. The extra 300 ft puts you in bushwack land

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