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    Searching for powder in Tahoe has been weak. It rained a little, snowed a little and was sunny all the time. With word of fresh pow and open roads somethin had to be done…. Snobro and I pack our gear beer and bowls and head out to “The eastside”


    Left south shore at 730. on the trail a little after 10am. sno bro predicts 90% chance of pow

    The big line in red lake bowl

    It may look cold but believe me… this is a hot box

    Ok, now im ready. time to climb

    We scope out an up chute and for Karma’s sake we ski uphill it

    WTF… now we gotta bootpack? Oh well gotta get “the goods”

    On top of Black mountain looking towards mono lake

    Will it be dusty crusty?
    Will it be Pow pow?
    Am I gonna core shot the shit out of my board?
    these things I ponder

    Sno bro drops in

    And gets “the goods”

    Like a true Ta-Hoe…Ill take sloppy seconds

    Looking up at our lines

    Since we are this far out, how about a bonus pow chute?

    Virginia lakes!
    I’m gonning back TONIGHT

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    AWESOME way to charge it in a year of very slim pickings

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    Nice! That line in Red Lake Bowl looks good.
    Things should be looking even better now.

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    Just got back to tahoe and boy are my legs tired
    Snobro, bowlrider, Chris Bennelli and I over the last few days have tried to track out black mountain and red lake bowl.. Thanks dudes! fun doin lines with ya’s


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    Love it, thanks guys.

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    Eff yes sir!. And I like the quotes around “the goods.”

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    Looks like it’s still holding up sown there. Is VA lakes road still open?

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    Ill be in the area this weekend again, maybe, maybe….. there will be some fresh untracked pow left. Oh ya, and I been dealin with sour pork on the eastside. from a sherriff rolling up in an unmarked car at the trail head to the banning of snowmobiles at sonora! Yea no joke, no biles at sonora (low snow)

    Rico in AZ
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    Good to see someone making the most it.

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