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    Hey guys,
    My buddy just started building pow surfers (similar to what Wolle Nyvelt rides in the Absinthe films). I got a chance to try it out over the weekend and all I can say is wow! I’ve never really felt totally in control on my noboard, even in epic powder. That all changed on the pow surfer. The shape works so well and I managed on my first day on it to ride some pretty sick tree lines without bindings. No rope either. If you guys ever get a chance, I suggest you try one of these. If you’re in the Kootenays or Okanagan and are interested, PM me.

    By the way, now that he has a working pow surfer, I’m working on a split version so I can skin with it instead of snowshoeing. You guys got any interest in something like this?


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    I’m in Invermere…where can I see the prototype. I’m very interested!

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    yes! :disco:

    that’s badass! I’m interested – let me know if you’d ever be into some tradework.

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    My buddy is the one making these – or Circuit Snowskates (check Circuit out on facebook). He’s in Nelson and will be selling boards through his shop (The Snow Skate Shop) or Tribute Boardshop.

    I split my time between Rossland and Keremeos, so if anyone wants to try one, just let me know. These suckers are wicked!

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    By the way, here’s a link to his company:

    I’ll post photos when I get the split version working.

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    Just saw the new movie from Sweetgrass, called signatures….MAn those Japanese snow-surfers, got it going on….

    Check it out if you can . Its worth the purchase…

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    That is awesome! Looks so fun!!!

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