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    4 swiss and one french were killed in this slide today. Number six was rescued alive and condition is stable.
    Looks a bit harsh and steep terrain they entered with the snow conditions these days. The slide was about 1km wide. The casualties were buried at aprox 6 meters deep…
    Local norwegian mountain guides say they never take this route down. There were 2 french guides in the total group of 12.
    The military joined the S&R with bell choppers and f16 fighters to quickly identify the exact location of the slide.
    Sad day 🙁

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    Scary winter everywhere… Very sad.

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    That is very unfortunate. I really wonder what they were thinking? That face is a ridiculous terrain trap with a extremely large start zone, with multiple rocks to trigger from. Its a really scary face, if a guide took me and 11 other people towards this I’d tell him to piss off.

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    So sad. That photo is the definition of terrain trap… buried 6 meters deep. Jeezus.
    Do you know if the local avalanche center did any investigation of it?

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    This just happend yesterday.
    NGI does the investigation in these accidents. And the report is usually forund on their website some time afterwards

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