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    I was wondering what is the safest way to remove the skins from your boards without messing up the base. Is there a tool to stick under the skins, or a special way to apply them (ie. folding over…)? Thanks in advance.

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    I usually just put the top of a pole handle under the center strip to lift up the end and peel.

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    I will try the pol trick next time. I forgot about the center strip of tape. Thanks again, and I hope to post pics from the weekend tour.

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    on this topic, what’s the opinion on waxing?

    i’ve been iron waxing my board and tele skis blissfully ignorant for a while now, but i was just informed by the dude at the ski shop that I should probably use something else (there’s this cream thing) to prevent ruining the glue.

    Now i try to get at least one day in bounds after waxing before putting the skins on, but I’ve never had a problem before, but I thought I should ask for more opinions…

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    I have always hot waxed my boards. It seems best to use temperature appropriate wax, scrape really well, brush pretty aggressively with a copper and a nylon brush and buff with a Scotch Brite pad.
    No problems so far.

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    I like to use that little gray Voile scraper tool that came with the interface.

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    The safest way would be to go and see a doctor and they will remove them possibly by freezing them or by tying them at the base. :thatrocks:

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    So as time has gone on, I have been able to use the pole handle to get under the taped region down the middle of the skin. I’m thinking of slapping a small duct-tap flap to help with this.

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