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    Hey all thanks in advance for any info and sorry if this is in the wrong place.

    Anyway I’ve been riding for 5 years now on resorts ( I live in Winter Park) and the terrain and crowds just don’t do it for me anymore. I’ve been looking into split boarding for a while now and decided this summer I’d try to get all the gear together and next winter take an avy 1 class and really dedicate myself to splitting.

    My question is, is 500$ for a ’10/’11 mojo rx with universal hardware kit and skins with spark r&d tail clips, used a handful of times in good condition (no core shots, rails are good, top sheet just has normal wear, solid hardware) a decent price?

    Also as far as other gear needed I had: beacon, probe, shovel, poles, basic first aid kit, compass/headlamp etc. My question here is what are your thoughts on an ice axe and crampons for a beginning splitter? Are they necessary? What about using the voile light rail bindings as opposedto my own rome bindings I use on my resort board? Are the light rails worth dropping 300$ on? Any other gear I need to think about getting?

    Thanks again for any advice/help its much appreciated

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    $500 would be fair, though not a crazy good deal assuming the skins are also nice and fresh. The RX is a great starter board IMO. This being the end of the season (and a bad one at that in many areas), there are a lot of deals on gear right now. I have seen Spark bindings for a bit over $200 listed on this site through retailers, and REI has the Light Rails for $240. The Voiles are good bindings though the straps are kinda lame. The Sparks come with Burton straps which are my faves. If you found the Light Rails really cheap and used your current straps that would work too. I think starting with some good splitboard-specific bindings makes sense. You will want some soon in any case.

    The crampons for the Sparks (Mr Chomps) work great too and are a lot easier to install than Voiles. I assume you are talking about binding crampons. I would ride a while and decide for yourself if you need them. I put mine on sometimes more because it makes life easier on some climbs, not because they are totally necessary. The Mr Chomps can be mounted without you taking your foot out of the binding or the binding off the board, so you can attach them while underway. That’s very nice. I don’t ride anywhere that I would need an ice axe, so that is up to your terrain and desire for steeps. I just don’t think riding would be fun on that kind of slope where self arrest is necessary.

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    I just bought a K2 Panoramic board this year.
    I ride with some Rome Targa binding on the Voile plates but I feel like I want to get some splitboard bindings. Probably next year. Hopefully the new Spark Edison’s so I can use them on my solid board as well.

    You probably won’t need an ice axe unless you want to get out there and ride really steep stuff. Which most people don’t in their first year of splitting and backcountrying.
    Riding steep terrain usually needs good avalanche skills to get there.


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    Check online for deals on gear. Because of the low snow winter there are a lot of deals on gear right now, and you can probably find something new for close to the price of used gear. Splits take a lot of abuse in our continental snowpack, and starting with a new one might be worth a little extra cash, remember, you have all summer to gear up.
    Get a board similar to what you are used to riding, but perhaps a little stiffer and a little longer (you will be carrying extra weight in the backcountry and riding deeper/softer snow, so extra stiffness and float are a good idea).
    You do not need crampons or ice axe for starting out, of course you do need: beacon, shovel, probe, a good pack, skins, board, bindings. I would recommend looking for a deal on Spark Blazes or Burners, you should be able to find these on sale now. Skip the light rails, and stay away from the Voile (used) boards-cap construction boards are not reliable for the rocky conditions around here. A Venture, or Never Summer split is going to give long term satisfaction in terms of durability, and is worth some extra money over most other boards.

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    Yea I decided against the mojo, but found a pretty good deal (I think) on a prior khyber setup I’m thinking about buying. What do you think about prior as a brand? And more specifically the khyber if you have any experience with it?

    The deal is a 2011 khyber used 10 times in excellent condition with a mammut pulse barryvox, mission bindings with the universal voile kit, mammut shovel, probe and daypack and some black diamond poles for $750. Seem like a decent price?

    Thanks guys I really appreciate the info

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    I have not ridden the Khyber, so would not presume to comment on its ride, they are popular, so hopefully someone with experience will chime in.
    I have owned Prior, and do feel they are quality boards, but not quite up to the durability standards set by Venture and Never Summer. Locally made boards seem to thrive in Colorado’s thin and rocky snowpack.

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    I can chime in on the Kyber, Have ridden one for 3 years now, its an older full camber one. Great powder board obviously, but if your looking for a do it all board then I’d look at something more well rounded. Not the greatest in spring conditions or crud. Great board to have in a quiver but not really a do it all board.

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    If that Khyber comes with skins, then it’s a very good deal considering all the extras (assuming you will need all that stuff too).

    I have a Khyber (newer rockered nose and tail), a 10/11 Mojo, a Solution wide, and a Venture Zephyr. I like the Khyber a lot and use it for everything, a lot like all my other splits. There are conditions the other boards may fare better in at times, but none of them is a single trick pony by any means. And for your first board, the Khyber would be a good introduction and you could branch out in a few years once you know what you are looking for.

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    Awesome thanks guys. Yea it does come with skins too forgot to put that. Gonna pick it up next Monday, pretty stoked! Now I just can’t wait to get some avy knowledge and experience then I can say goodbye to the resort crowd and hello to some soul turns!

    Thanks again guys I really appreciate it.

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