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    I’ve been chatting with my self sustaining brethren JVL. He’s got some room up in Anchorage, and has thrown out the invite.

    I’m traveling through BC via the Kootenays, and up to Prince George, Terrace. I’ve been kicking around driving to Anchorage, but that’s a hell of a boot. Flying is pretty expensive, so I was wondering if there’s any ferries I can get on the coast of BC to Anchorage?

    I haven’t had any luck so far looking… I appreciate the ideas

    Thanks batches :thatrocks:

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    Prince Rupert > Juneau >fly> Anchorage ?

    I hate you

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    Dang , did you up and Quit……..or win the lottery?

    Lots o pow at Rodgers pass. Easy touring out of the lodge, and they serve TANg every morning. What more could you want?

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    HFT – You know you saw that invite you skinny bastard. Take a motha fokkin week off, pack that crazy haired baby ripper into your backpack, and fly into Calgary…. damn you! 😯

    TEX, Quit?? I’m just getting started… I decided to consolidate my vacation into a 3 week jambalaya, and see more of norther interior BC, and see some homeeeez on the way.

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    There is no ferry connecting to Anchorage from South East in winter, I’m pretty sure. I had to drive to AK last year: I ended up taking the ferry to Haines and drove to Valdez (I didn’t do any riding on the way because last year AK was icy and bone dry). You can also keep going on the ferry to Skagway and drive to Anchorage from there. Juneau is a good stop too, but you’ll have to fly from there.

    This year, if the weather pattern holds, I suggest plan on couple options and be flexible with your schedule. You’ll never know when they gonna cancel the ferry or close the hwy due to weather (but you also can be lucky and hit the right weather window). And if can’t drive north due to closures, you can drive south to Bellingham/Seattle and fly from there. The air fare might be cheaper from there, but I’m not 100% sure.

    But either way it sounds fun! good luck! :thumpsup:

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