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    I’m opening a subject to propose a 9 questions form.

    So, It’s been a certain time that I get interested by snowboard hiking, and I wonder why is there not more people enjoying it.

    I am rapidly investigating… and I would like to take the opportunity of considering your experiences.
    Thank you for your time.

    Hiking is good, snowboarding too, why is the snow hiking not much more popular? What is limiting it? And why is there so few people using a splitboard?

    If you want to participate to the form, it will take you about 2 minutes :
    9 questions about snowboard backcountry

    It must be things I didn’t think about. You can comment, leave remarks, I will consider them.

    The form will be available few days. Thanks for your help!


    PS : This study is an integrated part of my training program. I’m a French engineering student in product design (sorry for my English) in the Alps and my project focus on snowboard hiking. The purpose is to understand better the market, the expectations of the users etc… to propose a product as interesting as possible (of course)…

    PS 2 : I would eventually buy a splitboard for my personal use. Do not hesitate leaving your experience, maybe something global, like the pros&cons of your hardware… Thx!

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