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    With generous help/advice from Barrows, ChrisNZ and others, I’m getting my TLT5s/Rangers set up on my Venture Storm. I need to figure out the easiest way to put bails on some Voile slider tracks. Are there some bails that mount directly or is there some adaptor plate needed?

    Thanks all.

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    Some have directly mounted bails onto the slider plates with t nuts, the trick is to get the spacing right as there is no adjustment when you do it this way. One way to do that is to that is to test fit your bails by mounting them to a block of wood to get the fit right, measure the distance between the pads holding the bails.
    Place pads onto the slider plate and clamp with the correct space and use holes to guide the drillbit.
    this way way you have a tight fit and bails wont be able to shift out in the field.

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    Easy just buy them


    or from me


    Adam West

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    Um, I should have looked a little harder I guess…..

    But I am grateful for the tips. It’s great to have access to the information through folks who know it so well.

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