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    So I went for a solo night mountain bike ride last night on some of our local single track here on the backside of the Wasatch. Nice full moon, but it was still kind of spooky. Shadows, random noises, glowing eyes, etc. Of course, all I could think about were the stories on this thread, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it out of my head that around the next blind corner would be a Yeti, man eating wild animal, or some other other spooky apparition ready to eat and/or disembowel me. :mrgreen: The mind works in mysterious ways.

    I only felt that I wasn’t going to get eaten by a shark. But having surfed my entire life until moving to the mountains a few years ago, I’ve dealt with that so often that I’ve pretty much gotten over the fear of ‘the man in the gray suit’. 😆 It certainly seems to be true that if you face your fears enough, you can get over them, at least to a point. Case in point is Tex ready to paddle back out to the same spot later the same morning after his encounter. Balls. I remember paddling from a boat into the lineup at Big Flat up in Humboldt, and never have I felt like such a part of the food chain, but it still wasn’t anything like I felt last night.

    This also brought up memories of my Dad (old commercial fisherman and captain) telling me stories of his personal unexplainable situations on the high seas in the Bermuda Triangle area during his late teens and early twenties. Scared me to death when I was a little kid, kept me up and night, and I’ve never forgotten them. Plus, I’ve certainly embellished his tales over the years, which is fun.

    So just a heartfelt thanks for these stories. Nothing like unmitigated fear to make all your nerve endings stand at attention and to just plain ‘ol feel alive. Freaking great stuff. And by the way, I did sleep great last night. Cheers and pray for snow.

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    Oh wait I got one:

    A group of us had just completed the semi-technical section of the classic Subway canyon hike in the Left Fork of Zion National Park. Now that we didn’t need to worry about fussing around with ropes, and had a mellow obstacle-free couple hour hike back to pavement, we broke out our ‘certain snacks,’ basked on a sunbaked creekside slab, and had a leisurely lunch. After a while the snacks were starting to tickle our prefrontal cortexes with that anticipatory rubbery come-up, when I realized I had to take a leak.

    I slipped away to the nice little slickrock balcony immediately above, and hidden from, our lunch spot, and after I peed, it occurred to me that an impromptu “…who….who…who-who-hahahaHAHAHAHAAAA!!!” classic monkey hoot would freak out my buddies and be just the funniest, most clever thing EVAH, so I got down on my hands and knees to crawl farther along the slickrock, where the ceiling pinched down to 3 feet of headroom. I crawled out a bit, looking down at my buddies (and apparently not where I was crawling), until I was positioned about 15 feet immediately above them for maximum hilarious monkey-hoot effect.

    I had gotten the first couple quiet “haha’s” out, when I heard the rattle. Yep, I had ALMOST crawled onto a mature Western Rattlesnake, who I now saw in VIVID pulsating fractal-shifting detail coiled seriously like 2 feet from my face. My humorous monkey-hoot immediately devolved into choked terror gasps. I crawled/flailed/scratched backwards on hands and knees in complete primordial desperation. The snake did not strike.

    I stumbled my way back to my buddies, all my hair on end, shaking like a leaf, almost throwing up. They were oblivious to what just happened, and were like: dude, WTF was that warbly whimpering noise you were making up there, you are SOOOOO retarded. I could barely explain myself to them, the canyon having now transformed itself from a place of sundrenched womb-like comfort into a kaleidoscope of terror.

    I’m way more careful about not crawling onto snakes now.

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    When I clicked on this thread…………… it had 666 views on it.

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    Spicolli… then that’s makes you EL DIABLO! Dios Mio :rock:


    …So, on this one forum website, there’s this…thing….its called the thread killer. It comes around about one-two weeks after a new thread is established and all the fruitbooters have said what they wanted to, Barrows ( :bow: ) has been involved somehow, and everyone is searching for something else to argue about. Then a perfectly great thread dies. 😥 🙁 😥 🙁

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    i really wish i had something good, – like truly spooky to add to this… but i dont.

    once, before the tipi canvas shredded, i was skinning back to it after a day in the valley, following my own skin track in the valley bottom. it was late december and so i was travelling by headlamp. i came out in a clearing to see some tracks paralleling mine.. i get up to them and they are some BIG paws, that rolled up to my track, ran along with it for 100yds or so, then veered off into the trees. could have been hours ago, or could have just happened, i could’nt tell in the dark. Some serious “alone in the woods in the dark ” paranoia set in on me, with 1.5km left to get back to my glorified tent. i spent the rest of the skin sweeping the trees with my headlamp looking for glowing eyes, and giving out the occasional angry man yelp to let the population know i wouldnt go down easy..

    and then a long time ago, there was random forestry road camping with my friend Rick. We were high as a motherf***ker going for a walk under the full moon at 2am or so, when he says, ” you know, we are prime targets to get abducted by aliens right now…”

    and it was so true.

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    Yeah you were also prime candidates to get your buttholes abducted by the gay samsquatch’s!

    That’s for rizeeeeeal! 😯 And Spoooooooky gross :nononno:

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    @802smuggler wrote:

    can someone take paint and draw a circle around the face? I see a head on the left of the beam – is that it?

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    I’m not trying to sound like some crazy ghost hunter. It was just ironic that this post came up right after I took the picture. We were just having some fun with it. Infact after screwing around with the draw feature there really isn’t anything there. But it was a creepy day and the picture did give me a chill.

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    ah, I see! I found loads of other faces in there but that’s the best one!
    Great story btw – had goose bumps

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    New tales of terror on the diaries.

    Can’t wait to listen

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    It looks like a pine tree with legs to me. :scratch:

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    I’ve got a SPOOKY story!

    So this one time, in a time not so long ago in a far off SPOOKY place known as the North Cascades, I was retreating from a bulletproof icy line with a 3 thousand foot 50 degree SPOOKY fall line with my tail between my legs. I had found myself cruxed out on a 50 degree slope, stuck on blue glacier ice, and wind buffeted rime ice. Careful wiggling and nudging had proven effective in scootching my center of mass away from the exposure to the 3000 foot, continuous fall line. My buddy and I decided it was time to retreat with our tails between our legs, because we were SPOOKED.

    The retreat commenced, and we were nervous. Not too nervous though because we were roped together. This mild state of nervousness ubruptly changed however, when I found myself up to my neck in a hidden crevasse with feet dangling into the death zone. Upon extracting myself, nervousness somehow morphed into a sense of profound stoke to have had such an experience. I had always pondered the terrors of poking into deep hidden glacial cracks, but now, I knew, on a physical level what the sensation actually feels like…. Its FUCKING SPOOKY!

    To add to the spookiness, about an hour later, I set off the biggest avalanche I have ever seen with my bare eyes. This wasn’t a far off avalanche, this one release from under my feet, and traveled 2 thousand vertical feet and slithered out across the valley floor. Again, I was immediately SPOOKED AS FUCK. This too, however, morphed into a sense of SPOOKY gratitude. I was getting the chance to learn first handedly something really SPOOKY. About just how powerful the forces of nature really are. How even a small lapse of judgement can have lasting, permanent SPOOKY ramifications.


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    Not particularly spooky this one, or particularly backcountry-y, but here it is anyway.

    I was travelling round BC with a few buddies and, up near Smithers, we stopped off to look at a fossilised lake bed where the river now cuts through it, exposing new fossils quite often.

    We get out of the car at the parking spot, and have a look round, but can’t see where we should go. No signs, no nothing. Just as we’re about to head off into the trees on a guess, a dog appears from one side of the car park, a grizzled old yellow labrador, passes by us and sits by the bushes on the other side. We go to say hello and he gets up and disappears down a faint trail, hidden by the new growth.

    We follow on, he walks ahead through the trees, stopping to look back every so often to check we’re still with him. And we pop out a few minutes later at the fossil bed. Doggy wanders off and leaves us to kick about and look at the rocks. After an hour or so we start to look about for the point we came in at, and there’s our guide, sitting at the trail, waiting for us.

    He leads us back again, looking back every so often to check we’re still with him, and then just wanders off again out the other side of the parking lot.

    We would have liked to thank him properly, given him a bite to eat, a head cuddle and a belly rub – we’re all doggy people – but he barely stopped, just paused where he came in for a last look back, and he was gone.

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