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    Sooooo….really keen on taking my Husq 310 TXC out on MX trails out west for some camping and exploring.

    Anyone on this site ride off road enduro?

    email me filterdrum-at-yahoo

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    I ride Moto! I am more of a track guy than a trail rider, but i love going to the desert to go big! If you make it to Colorado, there are all kinds of killer trails to enjoy. love to show you around and glad i am not the only moto guy that splits.

    Fast and smooth

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    Moto’ing is a great way to see large parts of areas and really get a long ways out.

    We mostly have tight single track, or lots of forestry roads to ride. MN/WI single track riders are freekin rad to watch ride tight trails fast….the 2 strokes get a little stanky, hence why I ride 4 strokes…but cest le vie.

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    Travis, you guys must have some good trails up there, we have a ton down here. I’m probably going to get to CB this year for some exploring, we should coordinate for you to come down! Massive trail systems up there. Can’t wait to bring my sleds up there too.

    I got a 2006 Kawasaki KX250F this spring. Been exploring, its been a blast. Lots of riding around here. Still learning a bit more on technical trails. But gotta try and get out to this trail soon in Rico.

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    Right on Summersgone! Splitripping says he can come out this late summer or fall to ride. I’d love to go check out CB area. I haven’t been to Taylor pass in many years but the trail system there is amazing! We should try to hook up for sure.

    Funny this comes up. I had a rad weekend camping on top of Red Table between Gypsum and Aspen area this weekend. Took the Moto to ride the some legal kick ass single track in the area. Smooth red dirt in the aspen tree’s, my favorite kind of off roading. I am the kind of rider that likes wide open sand “Crusty demons of dirt” style or groomed watered tracks. I usually pay to ride tracks on the front range or a few private tracks when i can get on them. When it rains the single track around here is unreal. It might sound weird coming from Moto guy, but like the legal, maintained trails that our Rocky Mt sports riders club maintains. I don’t do much renegade trails, and prefer to stay away from really rocky stuff. Wet sand is the best!

    MX Red Table 2014 by travis young 424, on Flickr
    I just couldnt help my self

    im15[1] by travis young 424, on Flickr
    This is what i call backcountry renegade MX. Unfortunately after 20 years of riding this sand pit, it is now illegal. How can a sand pit dug up in the 1930s to make the camp Hale 10th MT division bunkers and then used as a dump site for 60 years become a “closed to motorized use” area to restore it to its natural environment? i am all for designated, maintained areas to ride that have little environmental impact. This place was perfect. all we were doing is moving around sand in a pit that was blown to pieces by the government many years ago. And I’m the criminal

    20140627_191920 by travis young 424, on Flickr
    All i could think about is how rad these shots would have been a month ago! Were coming back next year w the sleds and splits

    Red Table Main line 2014 by travis young 424, on Flickr
    This was 15′ from our camp site.

    Moto 017 by travis young 424, on Flickr
    Get out here splitripping!

    Red Table 2014 by travis young 424, on Flickr

    Fast and smooth

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    That shit right there is RAD! Keep posting that “sending it!” Travis.

    I’m on the way man….1st weekend in Aug…I’m there!

    I’m looking forward to translating this…

    To something with a big ass 300CC engine between my legs :thatrocks: :rock:

    Crust demons of dirt corrupted my MIND!

    Rico in AZ
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    @summersgone wrote:


    The Calico trail looks fckn rad! Friends have been telling me for a while I’ve gotta get up there and mtb that shit. Now it just jumped to the top of the priority list.
    Thanks SG for posting that!


    Jeebus that is gnar!

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