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    So… I had a 2011 Mojo RX (the rasta colored one) and loved it, great 1st split. Light, easy to ride, etc.

    However, after using the LT touring brackets for several weeks the bolt in one insert never wanted to stay screwed in. I tried loctite, etc, but still the same problem. Eventually, I found out that the T nut had completely come loose inside the board.

    Anyway, Voile was kinda waffling on the whole replacement thing. Said they were out of that board in my size, and could they just repair it for me instead… I asked them to look around for a board and see what they could come up with and just give me a call before repairing.

    Chris at Next just called, apparently they found a new RX in my size and sent it over! So I have a brand new board waiting.

    Awesome Voile, you guys rock! I love your boards and love your company. I’ve never had anything but a good experience.

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    wurd. voile’s cool.

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    I just want to Rave about the great efforts of Eric Scott (Customer Service Rep) and Voile’ Customer Service.

    My wife and I were scheduled to go on a hut trip starting this weekend (alas, we can not go, as my wife injured her shoulder). Last week, I discovered my old (but unused) Split-Decision Crampons would not fit my wife’s recently purchase Voile Light Rail Binding. Given our spring time conditions we, really needed these crampons for our hut trip.

    Last Thursday, I sent the Crampons back to Voile, and, I received the new crampons today, as promised, in time for our hut trip. Voile delivers!

    Note Voile did not intend for a “design change”: Light Rail binding to crampon width:
    The inside of the flange of the crampon’s, that holds the split board pin, measures 9.3 cm. The outside of the orange rails on the Voile Light Rail binding measures 9.5 cm. Therefore, the crampon’s splitboard flange are width are 2mm two short to fit on the outside of the Light Rail bindings.

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    Went in to the Voile storefront today to pick up a new heel piece for a light rail binding that I managed to disfigure into a useless mess (note completely my fault and not a manufacturing flaw).

    Ended up walking out with 2 of the heel pieces and all new straps and ladders simply because the rep and tech said the new ones were stronger/lighter than the first gen light rail parts. All of that for free. Big fan of that type of support.

    Also took a look at this year’s new palindrome board. I’ve been a big fan of the move in the industry to manufacturing rocker’d twin splits, as I ride this style board in bounds and generally like it much better than using taper/set back to float in the pow.

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    Voile probably have the best customer service of any company in the snow business.Ive had som problems with the ladder/ratchets on my lightrails,new were sent no questions asked,same with a broken hiback.
    Having this backing is one of the reasons my new DIY split were made solely with Voile hardware. It works and if it breaks theyre there for you.

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