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    Someone told me to sharpen the end of my shovel to have like a knife edge, he said it helps with cutting threw ice and you can use it to hack away at a small tree if you need to. It seems like a good idea but sounds like you might take someones nose off when your digging them out. Is this a good Idea?

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    I do not know if you would dig faster. But consider that if the shovel is Knife sharp, Will it cut your pack?

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    consider what it would do to a buried friends limb when your in panic mode digging for them…..

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    I have absolutely no concern about cutting my friend with my shovel or poking their eye out with my probe. I want to find them and get a clear airway. That is all I care about. I’ll deal with the other trauma later.


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    Bad Idea. Nuff said. If you feel the need to hack some stuff up buy a snow saw.

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    Having spent time working in the woods, I appreciate sharp tools. Same goes for snowboards, crampons, ice axes, knives, etc… anything that will take an edge should get a good one.

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    Agree with last post – good edge is different from razor sharp though. Good edge will help cut through ice or welded snow without cutting anything or anyone unless serious pressure applied.

    I never thought about carrying a saw but sounds like a smart idea. Chances are you wont ever need it, but it may be the difference if you ever do.

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