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    Hi all,

    we have an intern here at Tesla and he is into back country skiing. HE has his gear complete, but still needs a pair of AT boots. Unfortunately his feet are mondo size 31.5 (!!).

    Anyway, does anyone here have a source where to get any AT boot in that size? As an intern he is sort of on a budget, so if you know where to find one in the $400 range please let me know.

    I know google is my fried, but that size made it WAY more complicated than expected. I found more stuff on eBay Germany, but I live in California now.

    Thanks for any help, Tony

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    I don’t know how big the Atomic Backlands come but my local bootfitter thought I could downsize one shell size and then get it back in the shell molding process. There might be some hope for him getting the biggest size available and getting the rest with a punch/shell mold.

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    Thanks Jason,

    it seems he found a good deal on some Scarpas.

    I was reaching out to all of my sources, ’cause the guy was planning on trying a tour with his alpine boots without a walk mode.

    I was trying to have him avoid that for obvious reasons.

    Thanks, Tony

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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