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    Looking for feedback from people who have taken this course in BC. Worth it? And where did you take it. Was looking at Whistler area as its within a few hours, but open to most areas. Seems there is a big difference in price from area to area. Rogers pass course was 800 bucks plus, Whistler was 500 plus, ect..

    Wondering if I have enough experience as well, only one season touring, maybe out 20 times. Plus however many times I could get out before the course starts.

    Big question is, did you find the course worth the money?

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    Hey KGN,
    i’ve been looking into doing my AST 2 as well and found these guys….
    $350 a person if you can muster together a group of 6 people with your own private guide for the small group.


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    wow, scottnfld, that’s a good price for an AST 2.

    last year, I called up everyone I knew that snowboards and put together a crew that was interested in an AST 2 and then got in touch with Greg Johnson, but he was way too busy to put together a course for us (I’m glad he is doing well for himself, he is a super nice guy). He recommended Scott Newsome, but by that point, I couldn’t get any time off and the whole thing fell apart. I’ve seen that Scott is doing great things these days too, so I bet he is also pretty booked up.

    I think I would learn more by doing a course with a guide that sb’s (but they seem to be in super high demand these days). So far, I’ve taken a few mountain-skills courses, all with skiers, so I really want to see how a good snowboard guide manage the terrain in the mountains on a snowboard. If that was available, I would jump on it in a second. Is there any interest in trying to organize something?

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    I would be interested in something potentially, depending on what dates it would happen obviously. After New Years for sure for me, as I would like to have more practice first, with pits and stuff.But price is a driving factor, thinking about accommodation and stuff too depending on where it is.

    I still would like to hear from somebody here who has taken the course :thumbsup:

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