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    I just picked up a 162 W voile artisan.. First splitboard! Took an avy course last year with snowshoes.. Ready to split the San Fran peaks! I will post how it is in a very very long time seeing as it is July..

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    I have used an Artisan 162 (I am really light and need a shorter board) for multiple tours in Alaska now, mostly around Palmer, some around the Girdwood glaciers. The Chugach doesn’t have snow this year. I use the old-style pin Spark Fuzes with Mr. Chomps crampons and G3 skins. I thought the board’s nose sunk a little too easily at first but I placed my bindings back a few holes and now I am in love. Flying/floating/surfing/awesome: all of the above. Skinning up is fine (especially with the crampons) but the way down is heavenly. I usually run steep powder and carve it up but the board doesn’t get too sloppy when it comes time to point the nose straight down at the end of a line.

    The construction is seamless. The board fits together solidly. Voile drilled their holes straight and on target. I have hit rocks, hard. The board has very few scratches. Also, the skins come off easier on the Artisan than my franken-Ride. Different finish on the base? I always hit my tails together when kick turning but this board only shows little scuff marks while my other board has peeling laminate.

    I have caught some air and dropped on flats. Very forgiving. I also am wheelying/manualing out of the cliff-droppers smoother than I have on my full camber boards. Not on purpose, but this is just what happens in steep angles. The playfulness come in handy. The play/flex/pop in the board reminds me of why I switched from skiing.

    I also like how it looks, which is kind of important because I stare at my skis (board?) for six hours every weekend when I am skinning around.

    -Before I had the crampons I was wishing for a full camber for the increased skin contact on the way up. On hard skin tracks, the rocker shape leaves the tip and tail contact-less. It has to be stupid steep to get to the point of slipping though. That said, breaking new tracks is much more pleasant with the rocker (hybrid i guess) profile. The nose naturally floats with each step instead of trying to grip something hard and sinking like before

    -Binding holes are centered too far forward for powder (just move your bindings back, even if it looks wierd!)

    -No way to hook it to my dog to pull me up the mountain.

    – It is a FUN board. Reminds me of my park rat teenage days and my powder-hunting skiing youth all at one time. Inspires enough confidence to not just get down the mountain but to actually play with the features of the slope.
    -Well built (no gaps in middle=I get to use ying-yang clips which are much easier/less annoying than the k-clips)

    -Looks cool. People with Arbors, Jones and other wooden-light graphic boards will think you are cool. (note sarcasm).

    -Its cheap (I paid 380 something at SierraTrading Post with a coupon)

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    not a lot to add from a long term durability pov but I’d like to add a few thoughts in the hopes folks at Voile at least hear, if not listen..

    Was lucky to pick up a 165 Artisan at last year’s Wasatch Splitfest 😀 Was and still am very impressed with the build quality and tolerances. Going to sidewall, going with an aggresive b/c shape. A buddy now rides it and loves the board, zero problems with construction, etc as I expected.

    Having a swallowtail and a camrock board is selling at the two extremes. Voile needs a slightly tapered, moderately directional S-Rocker with bomber sidewall construction. I’d buy one. It would probably be my go to split. Not a big fan of the see-saw nature of camrock. Even if you set back properly to reduce the see-saw you generate the same problem riding switch, so what’s the point of having a twin-ish board?

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