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    Conditions were a bit of a let down from expectations of 12-18″ reported new snow due to everything having slid prior/during the storm leaving dust on crust on most of my favorite runs. There were still plenty of good turns to be had (It is April anyhow). It ended up being a good day to sacrifice bombing pow to play with my camera:

    The usual spot with suspect characters (Reno locals represent!):


    There were plenty of nuggs being smoked today :doobie: :





    Triad binding test in 3,2,1…:

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    that last one is SICK!

    wasatch surf
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    where did you find a crew of teletubbies to tour with? 😉

    Awesome pics, I love the lake color in that first pic.

    what camera are you shooting with?

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    Great action shots!

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    Saw your ride there, didn’t know you loved hippies. 😉 Was about to head up and saw Scruffy on his way out, reported less than ideal snow. I bailed for Rubicon thinking it was better protected, couldn’t find the upper trailhead, so settled for evening pow turns in the front yard. Sounds like it was hard to capitalize on that storm anywhere, best turns were right when it started falling. Sweet pictures!

    christoph benells
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    a gaggle of quails hits the pow! always good to see white powder and that blue gem from the top of a mountain.

    that mike v acid drop is dope.

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    Haha fustercluck, wondering who wrote that on my truck (lol it’s still on there). Saw scruffy as I was pullin’ in but he had hit the skin track before I got to see him.

    Wasatch, it’s an “old” Canon 40D ;)…need to get a 7D like all those cool kids! 😀 This was one of the first days I’ve ever used it for what I got it for. It’s great with action shots at 6 fps.
    24-70mm 2.8L lens

    I took Justin (Bender) to a chute some of you know and went down and scoped it for him from the side and guided him in blind and told him to straight run it cuz it looked like perfect pow. Well, he charged into it and it was fucking ice! Luckily he handled it. Could have been ugly. Dude is strong. A well known skier guy who works for the backcountry blew out his ACL on Hidden/Bliss that day 🙁

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    Nice shots!

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    Great snaps man. Looks like a really fun day.

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    you guys have done a great job making the best of a sad winter. you got some great photos there, brooks! (though i imagine the solid riders and scenic backdrop helped).

    don’t forget about spring riding in the cascades!

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    That looks righteous. :thumbsup:

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    i found some ice in unexpected spots hiking alpine that day. looks like you scored! killer playground too. great shots! bombdrop off backcountry rock with lake in background, all time classic!

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    Cool pics Brooks!

    This one cracks me up……dual GoPro POV of the elusive pow-butter. 😆

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    @fustercluck wrote:

    Sounds like it was hard to capitalize on that storm anywhere, best turns were right when it started falling.

    Oh just you wait for my TR from April Fools 😀

    Yeah but it heated up fast and best turns were definitely on Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Still … I think our group capitalized in a lower angled protected zone. It sounds like the further north, the more wind-affected the snow, because further south in N-facing trees was stable deep and blower. Wrangling in the final images now.

    @bgnight wrote:

    Wasatch, it’s an “old” Canon 40D … 24-70mm 2.8L lens

    Yo Brooks, that is a GREAT setup man and you do not need to upgrade to a 7D unless you want smarter autofocus, more megapixels, and 8 frames per second. None of which you need for trip reports!!! I still use my Rebel XSi if I don’t want to carry the 7D weight – not smart, fast, or great, but it works well enough.

    You should do three things:
    i) get out with me or bcd (or all of the above!) sometime we can nerd out on Canon settings
    ii) take a one-day software processing workshop/class to learn to get the most out of RAW files

    Running 40D images on imageshack is like putting a Corrola transmission on a Porsche engine. The compression and color quality goes to poop. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many free hosting sites that are good. Facebook has gotten way, way better, and Picassa is still only mildly better than imageshack. I use Flickr, but it’s not free if you want to host more than 200 images at a time. Flickr’s resizing and compression is superior to any of the other free services.

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    Finally got around to putting something together for this trip.


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