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    Part One:

    With the Miracle March we had in Tahoe it would only make sense that April would start off with a bang as well. 8)

    Heading up the mountain…fresh snow at 3000ft…yeah it’s going to be a good day. 😀

    I met powderjunkie near Strawberry Lodge around 6:30am, homie started his journey at 4am to get some powder…gotta love the devotion!

    He was early and spent the extra time making a pb&j sandwich.

    We met up with gimpy and joesnow shortly after and formulated a plan…

    …to get some pow pow that is. 🙂

    joesnow entering the whiteroom

    and enjoying his stay :mrgreen:

    It was deeper than we expected.

    powderjunkie takes flight…

    keeps his speed…

    a lays into it.

    joesnow back for more.

    I think he likes it.

    powderjunkie enjoyed it too.


    gimpy got plenty too.

    More joesnow.

    The approach was brutal but you gotta do what you gotta do. 😉

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    Part Two

    By 10am we had three runs under our belt (thanks to the car shuttle) and the day was still young so we headed off for some more turns.

    Creek crossing fun…don’t get yer skins wet!

    Gotta get up to get down.

    On top.




    Dear powderjunkie,
    I’m really sorry I botched the following pics. They powder plumes where huge bro!

    These are better.

    PJ back for more.


    bcr (thanks for the pics joe!)

    Pretty sweet for April 1st!

    Thanks guys!

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    Helluva day!

    I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I’ve been jonesing for some bcr videos this year. A short in his video camera has kept it out of order, unless bcr gives it the old white knuckle squeeze. So the stills from his trips have been killer, but where’s the video? Well I decided to give it a go. It’s a far cry from the quality of flick he produces, but at least there’s lots of footage of him rippin’ the pow on the other side of the lense. Gimpy and Powderjunkie also star, with a few appearances by myself.

    Click Here…..hope this works:

    p.s. thanks for all the help with the formatting, bcr!

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    What a great TR & vid! Nice to see so many smiles… 😀 😀 😀

    Pure stoke!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    I’ve been jonesing for some bcr videos this year

    No doubt.

    It’s a far cry from the quality of flick he produces

    Bullshit, sweet vid and song selection. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    You guys killed it, looks like an epic POW day with lots of laughs. Nice picts too.

    This one says it all.

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    hmm…I noticed I don’t get invited to go anmore since I bought my evil snowmachine 😥

    I honestly haven’t even used it that much…c’mon guys! 😡 😆 😯

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    I hate you Cali kids. March in Montana has simply not produced. I want some pow in my face!

    How the hell does it always snow during the night then get sunny during the day down there? Ridiculous!

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    What a day. 😀

    Good to hook up with you guys. I actually broke trail for Gimpy. 😀

    joesnow – great video. Not too shabby for a first time. Lots of stoke in it.

    BCR – no pics of the Thai food. That was the best part.

    I’ve only got a few good photos that I’ll post soon. Here’s the best one.

    mtnrider – always an open invite to come up.

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    redunkulously deep

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    Sweet viddy joe! 8)

    Thanks for taking the time to put it together! 🙂
    What a fun day!

    Ps. Come on out someday nomad to the land of powder and sunshine!

    Pss. Mtnrider, get yer butt up here and you’re in, you don’t need an invite, you just gotta get here. 😉 Easier said than done when you are 8hrs away.

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    Road runs, flagpole, and orchids thai. Color me green with envy, that’s an epic day.

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    who…who…who dat, who der?

    half-bearded wanna be fassy claus?

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    DUDE! Nice job on the video!! Really enjoyed it. You guys scored big.


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    Sweet! Nice video Joe. Looks like you guys got better snow than we had up at TPR… doh! 🙂

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    Great pics. Love that FP line. Good meeting you guys. Hope to hook up sometime. Haven’t riden the new board yet.

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    Nice work on the video and really nice pictures. might motivate me to haul my big-ass video camera out next time, instead of just the still cameras.

    Hate carrying that thing, but if I could get footage half that good I’d be pleased.

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    Cali contention!

    I thought I was going to posting some epics from here in Norway… not the case, for the second year in a row… you guys are dominating the snow cover! Unbelievable, and it just doesn’t seem to be stopping!

    Nice pics, I’m downloading the vid now…

    As a teaser, I finally did get a few turns in last weekend in the Austrian Alps… I’ll be posting a TR soon. Until then… skol!

    … ok, vid downloaded! Sweet. Nice work, like butta!

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    Hey Johnny how about some general Norway Pics? What do the towns look like? What kind of cars do they drive? What do the road signs look like? Just like to look at far away lands. Thanks

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