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    christoph benells
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    We started at the tilly jane trailhead at 6:15. Ive gone up that trail way too many times.

    The telemetry read 13 inches of new snow in the previous two days prior, with winds no greater than 20 mph. The powder in the alpine was perfect! We crossed Eliot Glacier and headed up to the moraine separating snowdome and langille bowls.

    We scored a 3,000 foot perfect angle powder run into a steep access gully to the Coe Glacier.

    Turns with Barret Spur in background

    Access Gully

    Coe Glacier Area

    We bootpacked up Barrett Spur, it was really good powder except for the top 100 feet or so, which was a few inches of really light powder over textured ice. Barret Spur has a nice steep pitch.

    We toured up the Coe Glacier and back to Langille bowls. The Coe Glacier has some great scenery.

    We made it up the snowdome to about 8,800 feet. Plans were to go all the way up the top of the dome, but our legs were tired. A 9,500 vertical day was enough. We made some good turns down Eliot Glacier and back to the tilly jane trailhead at 3,800 feet.

    we got back to the car at 6 making it a 12 hour day, with 16 miles of travel, 8 miles on skins and 8 miles on boards.

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    Way to get after it! It’s cool you picked up Monitor and Barret this season, eye candy attained. :guinness:

    Seasons Greetings :doobie:


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    Sweet Christoph! Way to get the timing right for some beautiful high alpine powder runs, and thanks for sharing them.

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    Sweet shots!

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    Sick pix! What’s up with Rainier?

    christoph benells
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    photos were taken by ryanirv, hes lurking on this board somewhere…

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    Dude that’s a pretty epic trip. We tried to hit snowdome on saturday, but the sleet and winds from friday night scoured that area. I would like hit that area this summer.

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    Nice man, way to get the goods in prime conditions. 9500 feet in a day is beastly too :headbang:

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    Good job Chris. Makes me want to put together a volcano circuit!

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    Nice timing Chris! You guys scored on the new pow.

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    Looks like an incredible tour! Nice work

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    traverse? but you went down. :mrgreen: :thatrocks:

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    Great stuff!

    I still have a sealed envelope full of cash with your name on it.

    christoph benells
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    @hoglord wrote:

    Sick pix! What’s up with Rainier?

    rainier is looking good to go here pretty soon! (check trip reports in about 30 minutes) hit me up when you wanna go.

    @powderjunkie wrote:

    traverse? but you went down. :mrgreen: :thatrocks:

    (photo from last season)

    the start is out of the frame on the left side of the picture, barrett spur is the subpeak on the right of the picture, our high point is just to the left of the icefall in the middle of frame. its basically traveling 8 miles across the entire north side of mt. hood.

    @ale_capone wrote:

    Great stuff!

    I still have a sealed envelope full of cash with your name on it.

    You probably rappelled off those ice screws months ago! cant wait to see what you get into up north man!

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    Total eye candy!!! I love that side of the mountain and it looks like you timed it perfectly…. :thumpsup:

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