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    Dutch Marc
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    @mtnrider wrote:

    I’ve never seen anyone using a mac for doing any CAD/CAM work.
    anyone else? Macs are for arteests

    There is some stuff out there. Go2

    and select CAD option. Most add-ons for archicad

    But PC / AutoCad is standard … They use tp have a Mac version in the old days

    standard to best… So was Quark Xpress … Welcome Adobe InDesign …

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    I’m not pro-pc, windows is okay. I used to like using unix but we phased that out of work a long time ago.

    I run Pro/E Wildfire 3.0, 2001, and Solidworks simultaneously (sp?)
    I know that the macs have excellent graphics, I wonder if it would be good for running these programs?

    I use the computer so much I don’t play on it much other than loading my pics from my camera and emailing. I know my laptop has some other cool features for editing video, etc. but I just don’t use that stuff.

    That parallels link didn’t work…

    How much does jobs pocket from each ipod? 😆

    DM>been dieing @ work…owe you a call.

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    Shouldn’t this thread be in the international forum – I don’t even understand this language

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    @lewmt wrote:

    Shouldn’t this thread be in the international forum – I don’t even understand this language

    it’s a cult, man…

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    @Dutch Marc wrote:

    JimW is right about full hardware support, Hmm sometime you still need that PC box

    My point was that at least in the current incarnation of Boot Camp, it’s not running in windowed mode alongside OS X, and it IS a PC. We have tested our custom PCI cards in Windows on Mac Pros w/o issues… but this won’t work in Parallels. It’s tricky to allow VM’s to share ownership of custom internal hardware devices. But when you boot into Windows directly under Boot Camp, there is no sharing involved to complicate things. It looks/feels/acts like a “normal” PC (ewww) :).

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    @Ecobrad wrote:


    It does begin to explain why there are all these tech savvy knuckledraggin’ splitters, but face it, we are all on these machines way too much!

    West coast weather pattern must change soon!

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