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    Anyone split an Alpine Carving board?

    I was thinking of spliting a 172 Rossignol.RACE VAS snowboard into DIY splitty for fitness laps and digging trenches. I’m not sure what the core is.

    I concern whether a DIY Alpine splitboard will be a noodle and not euro-carve.

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    Rossi Race VAS most likely foam core. Only some of them were made with wood core. I would not consider split board for any serious carving. I plan to split my Virus all mountain board over summer. This board is wider 23cm waist.

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    I’ve seen a prior 4wd up here in the classifieds done up with alpine angles. Not a diy but a factory split done by prior

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    I too have seen a Prior4WD Splitty and the Prior ATVat the Bomber Store.

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    I split a 173 Rossi VAS Race maybe a decade ago.

    Those boards were built with foam cores with embedded aluminum plates for binding mounting. This requires you use a foam-friendly epoxy when sealing the cut sidewall. This photo depicts the core and embedded plate:

    I cut a slight swallow in mine to soften the tail and reduce weight from the truly massive metal block laminated into the board’s terminus. I wish I’d been more aggressive with that cut. You can see the metal block in this image:

    The advantage of a foam core is that it’s light. Unfortunately, all the metal in this board adds needless weight; this deck, as pictured and with all the hardware in the first photo, weighs 10.4 lbs. The disadvantage of foam is that much of its structural integrity derives from laminates surrounding it; splitting can really disrupt that structure and its integrity. For your purposes of fitness laps and trenching groomers, this could be a problem. In your case, I’d keep the tail intact and add clips. That said, my board–which even as a race board was completely exhausted–still makes for a very sturdy chassis for off piste backcountry. It’s most fun on corn.


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