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    As a convert to the hardboot side, and seeing that softboot setups have a heel lockdown, I was wondering if anyone such as phantom are working on a simple heel lock? I have heard of using a low tech dynafit heel but something smaller would be ideal. Even just a light hold allowing skating and easier sidestepping. I can think of many exits where this would be beneficial, where there are long flats followed by very short downhills and bumps that skiers can quickly sidestep up.(and yes I know why don’t you just ski) Interested to hear any ideas. Not interested in using the voile strap. I was thinking something that is integrated with the risers and lays flat, or perhaps a heel riser that is similar to a bail and could be rotated for dual use?

    I definitely don’t want to mount a full dynafit setup and wouldn’t, hoping something that keeps simplicity in mind gets developed.

    For me this season with hard boots has improved my touring and riding so much, as well as transition speed and less fiddling,that I feel the only thing lacking is this. There are many runs I do that end up on a lake, and I always have to an extra transition to put skins on because of the sidestepping after the flats.

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    As far as I know Phantom is not developing anything besides the voile strap method. My opinion is that I don’t feel I ever even needed the voile strap to split ski. I see no need for a lock down. The only time would be if I had a failure and simply needed to ski something gnarly, but I can survive. You could always use the dynafit heel piece mounted if you really wanted. The low tech is tiny. But I think its a bit useless.

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    For the most part I like to have my heel free unless I know I’m going to be going FAST (icy luge track to the car with cold beer waiting). I dont like to have my heel locked for long flats like you mentioned, having the heel free allows a longer more comfortable slide and glide. When I do know that I will be skiing fast ill take the time to do the Voile strap method and it works great. I have even used this to ski Silverton mountain when they were closed and I forgot my bindings in the car. I had so much fun and the skiing was great I did 3 laps.

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    Thanks for the replies. Heel lock wouldn’t be as much for the flats as it would be side hill stepping and icy decents back to the car where a combo of ups and downs exist. Just thinking.. If somebody made something clean and easy it would be nicer than a voile strap, quicker. But maybe I will try the strap one day on a long skin ski out and see how I feel about it.

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    Hi, any updates here? I really agree that a quick «snap-on» mechanism for locking the heel would be great for skating out vallyes, over lakes etc. The Voile strap seems too time consuming. No time for that when you’re mountaineering with your Dynafit Skimo friends.

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