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    Is anybody from Whistler going to Baker Splitfest and could bring me a t-shirt home?
    That way Chris (bcrider) don’t have to go through the hassle of sending it over the border.

    Of course I would pay for the shirt first. And I wouldn’t mind buying a beer for the trouble to hear some stories of the fest.

    Any nice souls out there?



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    If you can get Chris to ship me a t-shirt by next Thursday I can bring you one, I’m in Seattle and heading up to Whistler Thu-Sun next week.

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    No problem. Shirts are done and getting picked up after some pow turns tomorrow. 🙂

    I’ll get it out first thing monday via USPS. They dont guarantee a specific day range via the one-rate boxes I use but I cant imagine it taking more than 2-3 days from Cali to Wa.

    Or, now that I think about it…I fly into Seattle at 9am on Thurs. I’ll either be chilling there for most of the day unless I take a shuttle into town or find someone to pick me up earlier.

    Lemmie know

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    Hey Alex,

    I am going to the Splitfest from Whistler. PM me with your number if you wanna meet sometime this week.


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    Hi Sven.

    I sent a PM with my number to you.

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