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    Just broke a binding strap on Mt. Monroe Yesterday…..So it is time to upgrade. I am wondering what board is used most by East Coast riders?
    It seems that most splitboard chatter is about big wide open mountains….we have little of that here in NH and VT and deal with a lot of tight trees. I love my Custom X in these conditons…….I struggle with my Voile Mtn. Gun with slider plates in the same conditions……Yesterdays binding strap break was patched with some zip ties. but, It has also pushed me to learn what type of Splitboard would ride more like my Custom X so I can purchase a like board.

    BTW at the burton factory outlet today…….they jumped at the opportunity to give me a FREE binding strap to replace my broken one……great service.

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    Check out a Prior Khyber, that’s basically what it was made for – turning in tight trees. Makes a great powder board with the taper and rocker. Just picked up a Jones Hovercraft (only because of the end of season deal) but it will probably stay in the wrapper waiting for powder next year. I had a Voile Mojo that I really hated as a NE woods board – it may have been great for big lines out west, but it was too much board and didn’t turn fast enough for our terrain.

    Head over to Facebook Splitboard Northeast to ask the rest of the New England riders

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    I have the Arbor Abacus splitboard. Its been great in everything I’ve been getting into this past season, from tight Vermont trees to the Great Gulf yesterday. Definitely a very versatile board, which is why i like it. Other splits that i have noticed that are typically popular among east coasters are the K2 panoramics, Rome Whiteroom, Jones solution/hovercrafts, and even the venture zelix to name a few.

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