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    I’ve looked through the search function, but haven’t seen any review of the fissile from Prior that are more than a few sentences from a splitfest. Anyone have this ride? Impressions of it with some time on it? It certainly has an interesting shape that has my curiosity!


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    Sorry this is not a review but I just got my XTC carbon Fissile today, I can let you know in a few weeks what it’s like.

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    I just got the 11/12 Fissile Splitboard on closeout from REI. So I too want hear some stoke about this board!

    Purchased the G3 Alpinist Splitboard Skins 159-173cm – Long for the 172 cm Fissile Splitboard. These skins are the right length for this splitboard.

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    I also just picked up the 72 from REI closeout. Should get it tomorrow. SNOW SNOW SNOW!!

    Not many reviews, but the shape and construction has me drooling!

    ( fact, I’m so out of control for this ride, I also picked up a 78 demo from Prior directly – Losing It!!)

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    So how are the Fissiles treating everyone so far?

    That nose and the super tight sidecut seem like it would work well in the NH woods.


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    I’m curious about this one too. I am wonder why they don’t split the 161. I will ask them next time I swing by their shop but in the meantime some feedback on the board would be great. I want to know how it works in the woods as well as the steep and deep.

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    Interested in this board, seems pretty badass. Any ride quality issues with the XTC carbon vs regular?

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    I find it odd that this year, the Fissile Split is name 2014 Backcountry’s Editors Choice Award (see: ).

    Even though the Fissile has been out for a couple of years. Is Backcountry’s Editor Choice just marketing (marketing differentiation and positioning) or a valid review? Why did this year’s Fissile get the award, rather than the year before??? :scratch:

    I picked up the Fissile Split from REI summer 2012.

    I only rode my Fissile about 3 times last year and none of those days were epic powder days.

    I would be interested in hearing more reviews about the Prior Fissile Split.

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